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Built-In Help Pages

For general usage information, refer to the help section on the Alarmed > Settings page. Also note that a number of screens in Alarmed have help text at the bottom and/or an 'i' button on the top-right corner to bring up additional help info.

Alternatives to Alarmed for Windows, Web, Android, Software as a Service (SaaS), Mac and more. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This list contains a total of apps similar to Alarmed. List updated: 2/7/2012 5:40:00 AM. It includes an anti-virus, a firewall, backup creators, parental control tools, and more. Sadly, there is no version of ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite for Mac available on the developer's website, but there are other apps you can use instead. Here is a list of best alternatives to ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite for Mac. Music AlarmClock is a free alarm clock that will play MP3's and other supported media types for when you need to awake in the morning. You can always let the Music AlarmClock wake you up with its.

Interactive Notifications on iOS 10 (Mark as Done & Snooze directly from the alert)

On iOS 10, interactive notifications behave a little differently. When you swipe left on a notification, you will see View and Clear buttons. Tapping on the View button will show the Mark as Done and Snooze options for a reminder. Or, if you have a device that supported 3D Touch, you should deep press on the notification to see the available options.

Location Reminders on iOS 10 / iOS 11 / iOS 12

Apple has made a change in the operating system that will disable location reminders if you force-quit the app that schedules them. So, be sure to avoid force-quitting Alarmed. FYI, force-quitting is when you swipe-up on an app in the list of recently used apps shown when you double-tap on the home button. It is entirely unnecessary for well-behaved apps.

If you find that location reminders simply don't work after the update, you will need to go to iOS Settings app > General > Reset > Reset Location & Privacy. Following the reset, you will need to create a new location in an Alarmed location reminder and it will re-prompt you for permissions.

NOTE: Under iOS 11, Alarmed V5 will crash if you search for a new location. Apple fixed this with the release of iOS 12.

How to Preview Melodies (Sounds)


Tap on the green play button to the left of each sound in the Melody Chooser to hear the sound. Tap again to stop and/or tap on another sound's play button to listen to them quickly.

How to Change the Default Melody (Sound) for a New Reminder

Alarmed > Settings > Timed Reminders > Melody

App Slowdown

If Alarmed is slowing down (taking longer to load, etc) try two things: 1) Alarmed > Settings > Timed Reminders > Completed (Done) List > Trim Completed List. 2) Try to keep the 'past' section in the Active reminder list relatively small. In particular, avoid letting reminders sit there undone for weeks / months.

Starting Timers While Keeping Alarmed Opened (iOS 10)

Under some situations, if you start a timer and keep Alarmed opened, the timer may fail to produce an alert when the time is up. This is a known (and very odd!) issue with the current version of Alarmed under iOS 10. It will, of course, be fixed in the next update. In the meantime, if you want to start and use a timer with Alarmed opened (visible), double-tap on the home button to show the list of recently used tasks, wait for a couple of seconds and then tap once on the home button to return to Alarmed. Alternatively, just tap once to return to the home screen and then re-open Alarmed.

In-App Backup

Alarmed has an in-app backup feature. You can use this to save backups for safekeeping, restore from older backups if needed and/or to transfer your Alarmed data to a new iOS device. To access this, go to Alarmed > Settings > General > Database Backup & Restore.

No Sound from Alerts

This is almost always one of the following!

1) Verify that the device is not in Silent Mode. On iPhone, this is controlled by the physical switch next to the volume buttons. On iPad, it can be configured to use a physical switch, depending on iPad model, or it might be controlled from the swipe-up Control Center (ensure that the bell with a slash through it is *not* white/on).

2) No alerts / sounds on lock screen? Check Do Not Disturb setting.

Do Not Disturb is a feature of the operating system that allows you to silence calls and alerts based on several criteria. For example, you can allow calls from your Favorites list, but silence all others. Alerts will always be silenced on the lock screen if Do Not Disturb is enabled and optionally will be always silenced (depending on the device Settings app > Do Not Disturb options).

When Do Not Disturb is enabled, a quarter moon icon will show on the right half of the status bar. With the default settings, this icon will be dimmed when the phone is unlocked and solid white when locked.


You can quickly turn toggle Do Not Disturb via the swipe-up Control Center.

3) Alarmed and Volume Settings:

The volume for alerts (reminders & timers) is controlled by the operating system. If silent mode is enabled (ring/silent switch on iPhones, silent setting on iPads), the sound will be muted and if the volume is all the way down you won't hear anything. Also, if the appropriate volume slider (see details below) is all the way down, you won't hear any sound.

The volume for the alerts is set using the 'Ringer and Alerts' settings. These settings are accessible via the main Settings app under Sound. If you want to set a constant volume for ringers & alerts that is not affected by the physical volume buttons, set 'Change with Buttons' to OFF.

4) Try rebooting your device. To do so, hold down on the power button at the top of the device until you get a red 'Slide to Power Off' message. Slide it and wait for the screen to go black. Then, press and hold the power button for a couple of seconds until you see the Apple logo.

Alarmed Data Disappeared

If your data vanishes (which is a very rare occurrence), Go to Alarmed > Settings > General > Database Backup & Restore and select a backup from prior to things vanishing and restore from it.

Alarm For Macbook Air

How to restore Alarmed Data (Deleted app by accident, new phone, etc)

If you had Alarmed > Settings > General > iCloud Sync enabled *before* deleting the app, all you need to do is reinstall and it will automatically re-enanble iCloud Sync and download your data from the cloud.

Alarmed has an In-App Backup feature where you can mail backups for safekeeping (Alarmed > Settings > General > Database Backup & Restore). If you had previously mailed a backup, you can restore the data from that email.

If you use Apple's iTunes or iCloud Backup, you can restore your device to the latest backup from *prior* to deleting the app. For more information, see this:

Problems with iCloud Sync

A first step would be to try Alarmed > Settings > General > iCloud FAQ & Maintenance > Reset iCloud Container. To be 100% sure this does everything as it should, do this on both devices after having turned Alarmed > Settings > General > iCloud Sync OFF. Then, re-enable iCloud Sync and see if it works.

A few general things to keep in mind:

1) Do not force-quit Alarmed when switching to another app as this can cause syncing to fail.

2) Ensure that iOS Settings app > iCloud > iCloud Drive is ON for both devices

Alarm For Macbook

3) Ensure that iOS Settings app > iiCloud account in the same on both devices.

Alarmed for macular degeneration

Avoid Force-Quitting Alarmed

In general, I recommend against force-quitting Alarmed (swiping up on the app from the list of apps shown when you double-tap the home button on your device). This can cause problems with scheduling notifications, database backups, Background App Refresh, etc. If you really want to force-quit, don't do so from within Alarmed itself, rather switch to another app or the iOS home screen, wait about 15 seconds, and then force-quit