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Arcanum has many towns, and they are all very, very big. They all have a lot of people to meet, many of whom will give you quests or information or play their part in the main plot. If you've played Planescape: Torment and seen the size of the towns in it, we're talking about pretty much the same deal here. Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Imagine a place of wonder, where magick and technology coexist in an uneasy balance, and an adventurer might just as easily wield a flintlock pistol as a flaming sword. Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura is a 2001 role-playing video game, developed by Troika Games, and published by Sierra On-Line for Microsoft Windows.The game's story takes place within a fantasy setting currently undergoing a transformation from its own industrial revolution, in which magic competes against technological gadgets, and focuses on the efforts of a zeppelin crash survivor. 38 Games Like Arcanum for Mac Arcanum consists of traveling through the game world, visiting locations and interacting with the local inhabitants, typically in real-time. Occasionally, inhabitants will require the player's assistance in various tasks, which the player may choose to solve in order to acquire special items, experience points,. In Crossover, select Configure Refresh Programs Menu and then Programs Run Command. Choose your Arcanum bottle. Browse to the Arcanum folder, and select Arcanum.exe. In the Run Command window, right after the command which is now enclosed in quotes, add these two flags with no quotes around them: -no3d -doublebuffer.

Troika Games
Arcanum for mac versionsPublisher: Sierra Entertainment (officially unreleased)
Year: 2001
publication Type: P
Genre: RPG
Language: Russian (text+video, voice dialogues in English (Fargus))

Arcanum Maces

Version: + GF 1.3
System requirements:
OS X 10.8.4
the Port was done and tested on:
Hacintosh Intel Core i5 3.43 Ghz, 8 Gb RAM, GeForce 660Ti 2Gb, OS X 10.8.4
Tablet: Not required
UPDATED 07.07.2013 Added support for 10.8.4.
Description: Imagine a place where magic and technology have equal influence, and adventurer can also easily be armed with a silicon gun and flaming sword. A place where great industrial cities, ancestral castles and factories are juxtaposed next to being the home of the Dwarves, Humans, Orcs and Elves. The world of ancient runes and steam mechanics, magic and machines, sorcery and science.
Arcanum is the first game coming out of the pen team Troika Games, formed by former members of the Fallout team Tim Cain, Leonard Boyarsky and Jason Anderson. In his game, this team raises the gameplay and depth of Monoporeia in rolls games to a qualitatively new level.
Arcanum is a new unique world where magic and technology coexist, being in a precarious balance. The mechanical age has only recently started in the ancient land Arcanum’a, and the Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and other races learn to survive in the new growing industrial cities. But such a radical shift from magic to technology has created a truly explosive situation. Because the citizens began to mass produce light bulbs, batteries, glasses, new weapons and other technological wonders, the Wizards began to worry. And at this busy time, our hero begins his quest.Features– a Classless point-based system of attributes with a lot of freedom when creating a character.
– a Complex system of collection of statistics covering every event that may happen to you within a Arcanum’.
– the Game offers 8 basic stats (like Strength and Charisma), more than a dozen derivatives (for example, Resistance to poison and Speed), 16 primary skills (Gambling, Treatment…), 80 spells 16 schools and 56 technological degrees within 8 disciplines.
– Huge game world with dozens of cities zangionov and villages.
– More than 300 unique characters and 280 different monster. The ability to find your way to the victory of the many possible through the huge number of quests around the main line of the game.

Arcanum For Mac Os

– day and night has a big impact on the gameplay, from combat to thieving skills.
– Stativ in the game a gang of ogres you can defeat it in lightning-fast real-time battle or by showing your tactical and strategic genius, to properly break in turn-based combat.
– There is the possibility of cooperative or competitive play via Internet or LAN.

Arcanum For Mac

In the distribution uses a translation from Fargus (Russian text, voice, video, eng. the voice acting and dialogue). All propatchen to and installed GrandFix 1.3. If desired, you can run any version of Arcanum just replacing the directory with the game inside the port.
At the creation were used wraper with

Arcanum Mace Of The Damned

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