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VLC media player. VLC is one of the best most used media players for Windows PC. This is the best. Get the Best FLAC Video Player: Support to play and convert various video/audio formats, such as FLAC, MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, MP3, WAV, AC3, AAC, etc. Edit your FLAC files before converting to Mac supported format. Burn FLAC files to DVD whenever you want. And you can add DVD menu to the file.

DSD player software is designed to playback Direct Stream Digital audio files (.dsf, .dff, sacd iso, DoP). Look how to play DSD files via free software (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS for iPhone, iPad), about sound quality, comparison list, F.A.Q. at this page - explanation by audio software developer Yuri Korzunov.

HD audio file conversion

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DSD player list

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DSD player audio software list [See FREE audio players for hi-res]

Audio playerOperation systemLicenseSupported file typesSample rateDAC interfaceDescription
DSD players Windows, Mac, Linux
Amarra Luxe Windows, Mac Commercial DSF
Audiogate Windows, Mac DSF, DFF up to DSD128 DAC limitation for the software activation
Audirvana Mac Commercial DSF, DFF (including DST), SACD ISO DoP, DSD to PCM
Daphile Run as firmware (Linux based) from flash stick memory Free DSF Music server. Stereo only
Foobar2000(with sacd input plugin) Windows Free DSF, DFF (including DST), SACD ISO up to DSD512ASIO, DSD to PCM
Fostex Audio Player Windows, Mac Free DSF, DFF up to DSD128 ASIO, DoP
JRiver Windows, Mac, Linux Commercial DSF, DFF (including DST), SACD ISO ASIO, DoP, DSD over DLNA, DSD to PCM, PCM to DSD
HQ Player Windows, Mac, Linux Commercial DSF, DFF (non-compressed DSDIFF) up to DSD1024 DSD to PCM, PCM to DSD, ASIO, DoP
Hysolid Windows Free DSF up to DSD256 ASIO, DoP WASAPI To work on music server PC with smartphone app control
Logitech Media Server Windows, Mac, Linux DoP PCM files Bit-perfect PCM output of DoP Need additional hardware and pre-conversion DSD files to PCM DoP files. How to adjust and use the software.
Media Player Classic Windows Free DSF, DFF
moOde audio player To run on Raspberry Pi Free Here information about DSD settings
Pine Player Mac Free DSD to PCM (up to 768 kHz)Mac App Store
Resonic Player Windows Free, Commercial DSF, DFF up to DSD512
Roon Windows, Mac;
server on Windows, Mac, Linux
Commercial Bit-perfect, DSD to PCM Server may be installed on network area storage (NAS)
TEAC HR Audio Player Windows, Mac Free DSF, DFF up to DSD256 ASIO, DoP
Technics Audio Player Windows, Mac DSF, DFF up to DSD128 USB driver Read the software license agreement about using limitations

Run as firmware from flash stick memory on PC, Raspberry Pi, other

UPNP DLNA, Airplay, DoP Music server
Wtfplay Linux Free DSF up to DSD128; DSD256, DSD512 are experimental DoP
DSD players Android and iOS (mobile applications)
HibyMusicAndroid, iOS Free DSF, DFF (including DST), ISO up to DSD256 net driver (Dropbox / DLNA / LAN) native DSD, DoP, DSD to PCM
Hi-Res music player-NePLAYERiOS Commercial DSF, DFF up to DSD256 DSD to PCM, DoP Check DSD replay issues at online store page
HYSOLIDAndroid, iOS Free Music server control application
Neutron Music PlayerAndroid, iOS Commercial UPnP / DLNA, USB DAC, DoP, DSD to PCM There is evaluation version 'Neutron Music Player (Eval)' on Android
Onkyo HF PlayerAndroid, iOS Free, Commercial DSF, DFF up to DSD256 AOA 2.0, DoP, DSD to PCM Some limitations of free version
TEAC HR Audio PlayerAndroid, iOS DSF, DFF up to DSD256 DoP, DSD to PCM There are DSD limitations of free version
USB Audio Player PROAndroid Commercial DoP, DSD to PCM, native DSD playback

HD audio file conversion

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How to play DSD files

To play DSD files, audio player software should be configured properly. DAC may be either DSD or PCM.
There is no general rule, that is the best sound quality for every case.
When PCM DAC is used, the conversion of DSD to PCM format is used.
DSD DAC may get an audio stream natively ('native DSD' stream via ASIO driver) of DoP (DSD over PCM).

Check out How to play DSD with foobar2000 >

Read more details below.

How do I get the best sound quality on my computer?

You can get the best sound quality on your computer / laptop on Windows, Mac, Linux or mobile device on Android, iOS, when you reduce weak places of the audio-signal path and your DAC works in optimal resolution.

What is bit-perfect mode

DSD files may be played back in bit-perfect modes:

  • DSD file (DSF, DFF, SACD ISO);
  • DoP (DSD over PCM) file (FLAC, WAV, AIFF, other lossless PCM files).

Bit-perfect means transmitting of audio file content to DAC without altering.

What is gapless playback

When uninterrupted albums (operas, concerts) listen, non-gapless playback can cause clicks at track borders.

Gapless playback means playback album as a solid (uninterrupted) stream without re-initialization of DAC.

If the album is converted from an audio format to another one with resampling, it can cause artifacts at track borders. To avoid the track-border artifacts, True Gapless conversion may be used.

Offline conversion mode

With bit-perfect mode, you can playback offline pre-converted audio files (including PCM to DSD). This mode doesn't consume additional computing resources for altering an audio file. Also, it saves electrical energy that is spent on the processing.

Many digital audio players (DAP) capable of playback at stereo headphones. But some of your records may be multichannel.

When DAP play a multichannel record, it downmixes to 2.0. Downmixing is a lossy operation and its sound quality depends on implementation.

Also, extra channels consume free space on the hard disk of the DAP. Offline pre-downmixed to stereo files allow putting more songs at hard disk.

If file played back on a mobile device in bit-perfect mode or with minimal processing, it allows:

  1. saving battery charge;
  2. getting a longer time of autonomous work;
  3. getting more computing resources for other (not audio player) applications.

Inline conversion mode

DSD and PCM files may be played back with inline (real-time, 'on-fly') altering of audio content:

  • with DSD resampling;
  • with room correction;
  • with conversion DSD to PCM on PCM DAC.

This mode allows saving time for pre-converting of various audio files to the best sounding mode of DAC. But each playback can consume big computing resources to resolution conversion and other processing.

Real-time playback conversion DSD to PCM on mobile devices consume additional battery charge and part of the device CPU performance. It can cause a lesser time of autonomous work and reduce the response of other (non-player) applications.

Inline (real-time) vs offline conversion
of audio files on mobile devices

Offline conversion of audio files gives a longer battery lifetime. Because a mobile device performs lesser calculation number.

Also pre-downmix, pre-conversion DSD to PCM, pre-downsampling save free space at the hard disk of the mobile device.

DAC interfaces

To DSD playback (including bit-perfect) under Windows, DAC may be connected to an audio player via ASIO driver or DoP protocol.

Also, WASAPI (with DoP) interface may be used to playback (including bit-perfect).

DoP is the special open protocol to coding DSD into PCM audio stream. The stream cannot be played back as PCM.

To DSD playback under Mac, DAC may be connected to an audio player via DoP protocol.

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What is the best DSD player

In audiophile application, the players are compared by the sound quality.

If the player has bit-perfect mode and used DAC support played file resolution, sound quality is the same for such players.

But, if an audio resolution is altered or EQ is used, then applied processing quality is a matter.

In general, the best DSD player with processing should cause minimal distortions.

Also kind of distortions may be matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DSD player? How do I listen DSD files?

DSD player is a device or software, that capable to play audiophile format Direct Stream Digital. It may be suggested as SACD optical disks or computer files.

Is DSD better than FLAC?

It is matter of recording quality and playback tool implementation. Read about DSD and FLAC comparison...

Is DSD audio worth it?

DSD allow to simplify a playback system and solve some issues of analog filter, theoretically. But implementation of the system makes actual result. See more...

Where can I download FLAC songs for free? Where can I download high-quality music for free?

You can download high-quality (high-resolution) files from the download resources into list here...

Can VLC play DSF?

Looks like, VLC can't play DSF. Follow current state here...

Can iPhone play DSD files?


Yes. iOS player software can play DSD files. See here...

How do I play DSF files with foobar2000?

Yes, you can. Read foobar2000 DSD playback guide here...

Can Windows Media Player play DSD?

No. Windows Media Player can't play DSD. But, you can use other software...

What is DSD music file?

DSD audio files are files, that capable to contains DSD audio content: DSF, DFF, SACD ISO and DoP FLAC, WAV, etc. Read details here...

What is DSF audio file?

Read DSF file quick guide here...

What is DFF audio file?

DFF file is one of DSD files. Its audio data content is identical to DSF by the sound quality. Read DFF file details here...

How do I open DFF file?

DFF file is supported by software...

Best player for flac mac

How do I play DFF files?

DFF files are played back via auio player software...

How do I play SACD ISO file?

You can play SACD ISO at hardware and software players.

However, SACD ISO may contains stereo and multichannel album variant. And it consume additional place at hardware player.

You can extract SACD ISO to DSD or PCM files. You choice PCM vs DSD is matter of your music player and hardware ability.

See more:

How do I convert DSF to FLAC?

Read about conversion DSF to FLAC here...

How do I convert DSF to mp3?

Read about conversion DSF to mp3 here...

What is native DSD support?

DSD files may be played back 3 ways:

  1. on-fly conversionDSD to PCM, and playback on PCM DAC (in PCM mode of the DAC);
  2. offline conversion DSD to PCM with conversion software, and playback on PCM DAC (in PCM mode of the DAC);
  3. transmit DSD audio stuff to DSD DAC to playback.

Option #3 is called 'native DSD support'. DSD may be transmitted via ASIO driver or as DoP.

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Summary :

Flac is an open-source and lossless audio format. And it can be played with most audio players. Here comes a collection of Flac players for different operating systems and the way to add Flac music to video with MiniTool MovieMaker.

Quick Navigation :

How to open Flac files? The following is a list of the top 16 Flac players for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Top 16 Flac players you should try

  1. KMPlayer
  2. Pot Player
  3. GOM Player
  4. RealPlayer
  5. MusicBee
  6. VLC Media Player
  7. iTunes
  8. VOX Player
  9. Decibel
  10. Winamp
  11. AIMP
  12. Pi Music Player
  13. Poweramp Music Player
  14. Flacbox
  15. Foobar2000
  16. Onkyo HF Player

Part 1. 5 Best Flac Players for Windows

Does Windows Media Player fails to play Flac files? For those who are searching for a Flac player for Windows, 5 best free Flac players are listed below.

#1. KMPlayer

KMPlayer is the best audio player for Windows 10 supporting Flac and other audio files playback. It’s capable of normalizing audio and syncing audio. It also has the ability to play movies, 3D videos and external subtitles. Equipped with high quality Video Renderer, this Flac player can play ultra-high quality videos with zero quality loss, such as 4K, 8K, UHD and 60FPS.

Aside from that, it can used to download videos from YouTube, record audio and capture video in GIF format.

#2. Pot Player

Only available for Windows, Pot Player can play Flac files and other audio files. You can load audio files as many as you want and play them in succession. Besides, videos in various formats can also be played with Pot Player including 3D video. It comes with an A-B repeat feature that lets you loop the media file by setting the start and end point.

With the support of Hardware Acceleration, playing large videos especially 4K video is much easier than you imagine.

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#3. GOM Player

Another best free music player for Windows 10 is GOM Player. It supports playing Flac files and other formats of files. What’s more, it offers you the ability to synchronize lyrics with music. And it lets you do text to speech conversion when you need to transcribe text into audio.

This Flac player also offers you a video looper that you can use to repeat Flac music or video continuously. More importantly, damaged and locked files also can be played easily.

Want to download music from Bandcamp? You should read this post: Top 5 Bandcamp Downloaders in 2020 (100% Work).

#4. RealPlayer

RealPlayer is a media player available on Windows. It supports a range of file formats including Flac, MP3, WAV, AAC, AIFF, M4A, etc. With a simple and intuitive interface, you can easy to understand how to use it.

In addition to video and audio playback, it can be used as a video downloader to grab web videos from thousands of streaming websites. Another amazing feature of RealPlayer is that it’s capable of identifying famous people in videos.

#5. MusicBee

As its name implies, MusicBee is the best free music player for Windows 10. It can discover, play and manage music files on your computer. It’s simple to use, powerful and fast. With it, you can play any Flac files with great audio quality.

MusicBee also comes with a range of customizing options. You can change the skins and install add-on you like. After customizing the skin, MusicBee allows you to share it with others. Moreover, the Sync function lets you sync your music files with the using device.

Part 2. 5 Best Flac Players for Mac

Below are the top 5 Flac players for Mac you can have a try.

#6. VLC Media Player

As the world’s best Flac player, VLC has millions of users around the world. It’s free and open-source. It can run on all operating systems including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and Linux.

This Flac player can play not only Flac files but also other audio files and videos. Also, it enables you to stream online videos and download them for free. This Flac player comes with a lot of customizing options. You can create skins and install some extensions like Playback speed manager, VLC Playlist Remember, YTSubDownload and text subtitle loader.

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#7. iTunes

There are over 60 million songs available on iTunes that you can enjoy. As a music player, iTunes also supports loading local audio files in Flac, OGG, AAC, MP3, AIFF and Apple Lossless. Except for playing local tracks, you can enjoy your favorite music, movies, TV shows and podcasts.

This Flac player comes with a unique feature that is audio conversion. It supports converting audio files to another format like AAC, MP3 and WAV.

Also read: Top 4 M3U Player to Play M3U Files for Free

#8. VOX Player

VOX Player is a professional music player for Mac. It supports the common audio formats including Flac, MP3, ALAC, APE and M4A. You can enjoy iTunes music, search and browse SoundCloud music feed, and play YouTube music from VOX Player for Mac OS. The built-in radio feature holds over 30,000 Internet Radio Stations which are categorized into 18 genres.

Aside from this, the VOX Cloud lets you store music in the cloud with the original quality. This Flac player is also available for iOS.

How to download SoundCloud songs? This post offers you 4 ways to download songs from SoundCloud. Read this post now to find out the answer!

#9. Decibel Audio Player

Decibel Audio Player is a nice Flac player that has a user-friendly interface. Most popular lossless and lossy audio formats can be played with Decibel, such as Flac, OGG, AAC, MP3, MOD, WAVE, AIFF, DSF, etc. Coming with all features that an audio player should have, you can control the playback as you want and get a great music experience.

#10. Winamp

This powerful Flac player works on Mac, Windows and Android. Supporting a wide range of audio codecs, Winamp is a widely used music player that supports MIDI. Winamp also has a media library that allows you to add all your local music files to. If your Flac music lacks a cover, you are able to add album art and auto-tag the track.

With Winamp, it offers you the ability to customize skins and add plug-ins.

To learn more details about MIDI, see this post: Top 5 Best MIDI Players You Should Try.

Part 3. 3 Best Flac Players for Android

Part 3 introduces 3 best Flac players for those who want to play Flac music on Android devices.

#11. AIMP

AIMP, formally known as Artem Izmaylov Medio Player, is a free audio player for Android and Windows. It can play audio files in various formats like Flac, OGG, WAV, WMA, APE, MOD, MO3, DTS audio, and so on. You can play local Flac files and stream audio from the Internet. At the same, you are allowed to register the playing audio file as ringtone.

#12. Pi Music Player

Pi Music Player can be used as a Flac player. It also enables you to browse millions of YouTube music videos and search for your favorite songs. Moreover, you can play audiobooks and podcasts and control the playback speed.

One of its strengths is it features a Ringtone cutter. Therefore, you can use it to cut your Flac file and set it as a ringtone.

#13. Poweramp Music Player

This Flac player is available for Android and can be directly download from Google Play. It supports most audio formats and provides tempo, reverb, balance and mono mixing effects. Featuring lots of customize options, you can custom skins and visual themes as you like.


Additionally, it supports Google Assistant and Chromecast.

Part 4. 3 Best Flac Players for iOS

For iOS users, here recommend 3 best Flac players.

#14. Flacbox

Flacbox is a Flac player as well as a music downloader. By using it, you can open Flac files from the cloud storage or your iPhone. Many other audio formats are supported by Flacbox as well, such as AAC, M4A, AIFF, OPUS, ALAC, M4R and WAV. As a standard audio player, it has everything you want.

#15. Foobar2000

Compatible with iPhone and iPad, Foobar2000 supports the following audio codecs: Flac, WAV, AIFF, AAC, MP3, Musepack, Vorbis, Opus and MP4. It has a simple interface that makes it easy to navigate and use.

#16. Onkyo HF Player

Onkyo HF Player lets you play Hi-Res music in the original quality on iOS devices with High-precision equalizer. It equipped with lots of features such as crossfade playback, repeat, shuffle, resume playback, playlist creation and many more. It supports playing Flac, ALAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF, DSF, DSD, etc.

Part 5. How to Add Flac Music to Video

Do you want to create a video with Flac music? Let’s see how to add Flac music to video with MiniTool MovieMaker.

Step 1. Download and install MiniTool MovieMaker.

Step 2. Double-click on this program to launch it.

Step 3. Close the pop-up window and access the main interface.

Step 4. Then import the target video and Flac file by clicking Import Media Files.

Step 5. Drag and drop the video and the Flac audio to the timeline.

Step 6. Then you can cut the video and mute its original track. And you can fade in and fade out the Flac audio to make it sounds smooth in the video.

Step 7. When you are done, click on Export to open the Export window.

Step 8. In the Export window, you can change the output format, rename the file, choose another destination folder and change the video resolution.

Step 9. In the end, click the Export button to export the music video. After the process is finished, you can locate the music video by clicking the Find Target button from the pop-up window.


This post lists 16 best Flac players for computers and mobile devices. Now, choose your favorite Flac player and try it out!

If you have better suggestions or questions about MiniTool MovieMaker, please tell us in the comments area or contact us via [email protected].

Flac Player FAQ

  • Download and install a Flac player for Windows like VLC Media Player.
  • Then open the VLC Media Player.
  • Add the Flac file to this player.
  • Find an online Flac to MP3 converter like Zamzar.
  • Upload the Flac file and select the MP3 from the output audio format list.
  • Start the Flac to MP3 conversion.
  • When the conversion is complete, download the MP3 file from the Internet.
You can play Flac file with Windows Media Player but you need to install a Flac codec.

Best Flac Player Ios

Many websites offer Flac music, such as Bandcamp, HDTracks, Beggars Group, Murfie, Linn Recorders and Merge Records.