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Gather contacts from all your accounts

If you keep contacts in other internet accounts—such as iCloud, Google, or Yahoo—you can access all of them in Contacts.

Set up your My Card in Contacts on Mac. Contacts automatically creates a contact card for you when you set up your Mac. Information on your card, such as your name, email address, or picture (if you add one), can be used in other apps, such as Mail or Safari. If you add a nickname to your card, Siri uses your nickname instead of your first name. A favorite for our power users, Contacts for Mac OS X allows you to easily search, access, and maintain your contacts directly from your dock or menu bar. Install on macOS. The most intuitive contact management app for professionals, teams, and small businesses.

Create groups automatically

Create a Smart Group by identifying something that some of your contacts have in common. For example, you could create a Smart Group called “Book Club” that includes any contact with “book” in the Note field of their card.

Show it on a map

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Want to see where one of your contacts lives? You can open a map right from the Contacts app.

Contacts Mac Os

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