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Bizagi Modeler is a business process modeling tool that enables enterprises to visually diagram, model & document business processes in industry-standard BPMN. A reusable Sub-process is called a Call Activity in BPMN. The element has a thick border. Event Sub-process. A Sub-process is defined as an Event Sub-process when it is triggered by an Event. An Event Sub-Process is not part of the normal flow of its parent Process - there are no incoming or outgoing Sequence Flows.


Intuitive modeling for every process

Build business process models to identify process improvement opportunities and increase efficiency and agility across your organization.

Intuitive modeling for every process

Build business process models to identify process improvement opportunities and increase efficiency and agility across your organization.

What is business process modeling?

Business process modeling is a technique used to document, design and optimize business processes. Process models provide a visual representation of the stages and flow of a process that is easily understood by technical and non-technical stakeholders and helps organizations communicate official processes, improve operations and plan business process automation projects.

What are the benefits of business process modeling?

Identifying areas for improvement within processes leads to increased productivity.

Mapping processes allows organizations to identify differences across departments and implement best practice throughout the organization.

Process modeling supports continuous improvement allowing organizations to keep up with change.


The BPMN Process Modeling Technique

Business process modeling notation (BPMN) is a popular standard graphical notation for end-to-end process modeling that provides consistency and ensures process understanding among stakeholders across and between organizations.

BPMN diagrams use basic symbols to visualize business processes, each of which can be categorized into one of four groups: flow objects (events, activities, and gateways), connecting objects (sequence flows, message flows, and associations), swimlanes (pools and lanes), and artifacts (data objects, groups and annotations).

Download our BPMN quick reference guide to learn more about the BPMN process modeling standard.

Easy to use interface
Bizagi's de facto standard drag & drop process modeling environment makes mapping processes simple with no need for technical knowledge.

Always free
You can download Bizagi Modeler and start building process models at no cost.

Learning resources
Our range of learning courses and certifications help you get the most out of Bizagi to optimize processes within your organization.

Bizagi Modeler is very intuitive, and the visual display of the process maps is fantastic. The initial setup was simple, online resources are very helpful and customer service is excellent... the ability to share the process models has encouraged us to build a larger system. I highly recommend process modeling with Bizagi BPMS; it is exceptionally comprehensive, not to mention free.'

Justin Smart,

COO, Trilogy Funds

3 Bizagi Features to Boost Your Process Optimization Strategy

Discover how Bizagi can help you go beyond increasing productivity and cutting costs to keep your business operations agile and create competitive advantage.


Customer Success Stories

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Find out how organizations in financial services, the public sector, manufacturing and healthcare have used Bizagi to optimize their processes.


Bizagi Studio

Turn your process models into low-code enterprise applications in Bizagi Studio.

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With Bizagi Modeler you and your team collaborate by visually modeling, document, simulate, publish and share business processes in industry-standard BPMN.

BPMN (Business Process Model Notation) is a worldwide accepted notation standard for process modeling.

Bizagi Modeler 3.7

Bizagi Modeler is available as a desktop application which can be downloaded free of charge (i.e., a freeware), directly from our official website.

With Bizagi Modeler you:

Rely on an intuitive drag-and-drop approach and a look and feel that is customizable, allowing you to quickly and easily map and document your organizational processes.

Publish high-quality documentation in formats such as Word, PDF, Web (HTML) and Wiki.

Import from or export to interoperable formats such as Visio, XPDL or BPMN.

When working with Bizagi Modeler, you can create any number of diagrams and group them into models.

You can store models directly in the cloud or as local files (.bpm file extension). When deciding to store models in the cloud or to use any of our additional set of enterprise features, you should subscribe to one of our Bizagi Modeler subscriptions.

Bizagi Modeler Plans

Bizagi Modeler plans have a comprehensive set of services on top of the basic Bizagi Modeler functions, aimed at extending the value of modeling with Bizagi.

With these services your users can collaborate from any location (you access them by simply using a browser). Bizagi Modeler plans provide cloud-based services for you and your team to manage, collaborate and govern process models in the web, while providing you with features for your compliance and enterprise-class requirements.

Bizagi Modeler plans provides cloud-based services where Modeler users can manage, publish, collaborate and govern process models, while meeting all modeling needs.

Users around the world can work better together to create and collaborate on corporate process models with a modern architecture.

The Bizagi Modeler desktop application is a freeware which offers designing, documentation and generating documentation.

Bizagi Process Modeler For Mac

Paid-for services are aimed at adding value to your modeling journey such as Simulating, SharePoint and Web publishing.

Bizagi Modeler offer a host of features to help you work more productively, whenever and wherever you happen to be. Take a look at our pricing packages to decide what’s right for you.

There is a plan for everyone: choose the one that best suits your needs:

Benefits of Bizagi Modeler plans:

You can transform Bizagi Modeler into a global portal for process governance and compliance:




Eliminate the need to create and manage a centralized process repository by saving your models directly to the cloud.

Work together with your colleagues who can review the models from anywhere on any device and provide real-time feedback.

With centrally documented process models, employees can easily access and learn those processes, improving compliance with your policies and procedures.

Gain global access to all your models

Your models and all associated documentation are stored in the Bizagi Modeler cloud repository. This secured, cloud-based, central repository lets you access and edit your assets at any time, using Bizagi Modeler and all its power.

Publish to SharePoint and the Web

Advanced publishing options are available so you can publish complete, high-quality documentation to the Web and SharePoint. Share beautiful, easy-to-navigate documentation with your organization. Check out the documentation portal example.


Personalize your documentation outputs with your own corporate logo.

Work offline

Business Analysts are constantly on the go. Moving quickly from costumer to customer, they need to model, take notes, add attachments and perform updates in a hurry. But companies don’t necessarily provide Internet connections to outsiders. That’s why, in this latest release, Bizagi lets you work offline and later synchronize the changes you made to the collaborative design.


Bizagi Free

Models can be edited (i.e. change process flow, include documentation) exclusively from Bizagi Modeler desktop.

Stay productive from any device

With Bizagi Modeler, you can work on your processes any time, anywhere, with any device - without restriction of location or time zone.

Work as a team and improve business collaboration

Capture process knowledge by sharing your processes to drive out inefficiencies, improve business operations and improve communications.

Through our secure cloud process repository, people in dispersed locations can work on the same projects simultaneously without duplication of time or effort.

Obtain fast results

With powerful collaboration tools, changes are updated dynamically so everyone in the team is kept up-to-date about the current status of any process model.

Post comments and share ideas


Real-time comment boxes make it easy to review diagrams or specific tasks and leave comments for others to act on.

Shorten the learning curve

Bizagi Modeler presents a user-friendly interface that makes process modeling easy to learn for both business and IT users.

Include attachments

Attachments add context to processes and can give explicit examples. With Bizagi Modeler, you simply upload an attachment once and reuse it with many processes