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Steam is popular software that is home to thousands of games. It is the most significant digital game distribution service created. Valve corporation started the service as a way to provide automatic updates for their games. Soon many developers caught on to the platform. It made things quite easy for many gamers around the world. Currently, hundreds of standalone developers publish their games on Steam. PC gaming is always considered to be a windows thing. The hardware capability of macOS devices is often underestimated. Mac devices can also support Steam and many games. The platform is not synonymous with gaming, but a select number of titles run smoothly.

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Today we will learn about Steam for Mac. This guide will cover all the necessary information regarding your macOS gaming requirements.

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Steps to Install Steam on Mac:

The steam game library can be installed on macOS by a simple download. The software requires users to have macOS 10.7 Lion or above running. Users also need to have at least 1GB of disc space. Let’s have a look at the in-depth guide on how to install Steam on macOS.

Download steam for macbook

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  • Head over to your favorite browser on the macOS device. Enter this link to visit the steam web page – It will take you to the steam download page.
  • Click on the download button. On the official website, find the Apple logo to download Steam for Mac. It will help you to access the latest games smoothly.
  • Run the steam.dmg file for installation. Agree to all the terms and conditions to start the installation. Drag and drop the steam file to your applications folder. You can smoothly run the application from here to access all of your games.

Voila! You have successfully installed the steam client on your Mac device. It is the perfect platform to play games. macOS devices can run many lightweight game titles efficiently. These can help to keep your mind off of certain things.

Create a new Steam Account on MAC:

Getting a new account is quite simple for steam users. If you are new to the platform, then you can start by creating an official statement. Steam allows anyone with an email ID to create an account. Here are the steps to create a new steam account on mac.

  • Start the steam application on your device. It will prompt you to create a new account or log in to an existing one. Click on the create new account button. This will take you to the signup page.
  • The create new account button will take you to the steam webpage. Here you will be greeted with an official registration form. Users need to enter their accurate details to start with the process. Users can also visit this page –
  • Choose your steam credentials. These will be used to sign in to the steam app on all platforms. Select a memorable username and unique password to stay safe online. Users can quickly sign up by accepting the terms and conditions.

Now you can use these details to log in to your steam account on macOS, Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android.

  • Android –
  • iOS –

macOS Compatible Steam Games:

Steam is a platform that offers gaming content for all operating systems. PC gaming is majorly popular on the windows OS. The macOS users thus have a restricted library with limited resources. It is essential to look at the system requirements of the game before you make a purchase. Users can quickly identify a macOS compatible match by looking for the apple logo on the game strip. The software can automatically recognize the operating system you are running. It helps filter out the unsupported games. There is an entirely different library of games available for Mac devices. The gameplay dynamics are also quite amazing. The supported formats can be visible from the OS logo on the game. This helps to make the differentiation easy.

  • Visit –

Here you will find all the famous mac supported steam games. There is a whole list of games for macOS users. Users can easily filter out the results to download the trending and top games. Some of the top games that are available on mac include CSGO, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2. These are all free to play games. New users should give them a try.

How to filter search for MAC Games?

It is often difficult to find the right game for macOS. A lot of mac users do not play games. The steam library for their games is thus a little short. Users can use the filter feature to search for macOS games. Steam has made the job easy by enhancing its search engine. Steam labs have entirely redefined the way users search for games on the platform. It is beneficial for a lot of users. On Steam, the application visits the store section. Here you can search for any game that you want. As you scroll down, you will find the filter options. In the operating system, compatibility selects Mac OS X to get your latest games. Users can further filter down the search results according to their preferences. Use this feature to find out relevant matches according to your choice.

Join Steam Community:

Steam is a gamers hub. It is the center for all things related to gaming. The overall community feeling on the platform is impressive. Gamers love to come together and discuss their common interests. Steam offers a platform for this. The community section of the steam app is open for players from all platforms.

Join the community by setting up your profile. It can help you to get better representation. Users can comment on your profile and offer you trades. There is a lot to explore on Steam for Mac.


Steam is the perfect hub for gamers around the world. The software is available on all major operating system platforms. It helps download and play the latest game titles around the world. With this article, we look forward to clearing all of your doubts regarding Steam for mac. Through this guide, you can download the software and enjoy gaming on your mac devices.

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Download Stream For Mac

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What's New:


  • Fixed remote code exploit in Chromium Embedded Framework freetype library (CVE-2020-15999)

Remote Play Together

  • Fixed inviting more than one player to a game

Steam Input

  • Improved support for games using Windows raw input APIs
  • Unity games using the Rewired plugin should upgrade to the latest release, version


  • Fixed Proton 5.13 on systems that do not define XDG_RUNTIME_DIR (steam-runtime#284)
  • Fixed Proton 5.13 'Force Exit'
  • Fixed Proton 5.13 sub-dependencies download bug happening on first install
  • soldier runtime 0.20201022.0:
  • Fixed libtheora performance problem (misconfiguration)
  • libcapsule: fixed start failures caused by leftover NVIDIA driver pieces (steam-runtime#282 steam-runtime#275)
  • steam-runtime-tools: pick the correct DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY, fixes Gnome+Wayland and related problems (steam-runtime#283)
  • scout runtime 0.20201022.1

Previous version:


Download Stream For Mac
  • Fix videos failing to switch to fullscreen on Windows after a monitor connection/disconnection


  • Fix Steam overlay causing crash at startup of certain OpenGL games


  • Fixed bug causing SteamNetworkingMessages() to always return NULL
  • Fix bug causing some Windows laptops to fail to connect with certificate errors.

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Download File Stream For Mac

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