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System requirements for the Dropbox app for Linux computers

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Yes, you can sync two Papers 3 for iOS libraries between each other with Dropbox syncing.Why does Papers give me a message saying 'no dropbox account detected' when I try to link it to my dropbox, I am signed into dropbox. If you do not have the dropbox application in stalled on your computer, Papers will not detect a dropbox account. Kicking things off is my primary note taking app of choice, and it comes straight from. Dropbox Passwords desktop app. The Dropbox Passwords desktop app uses 256 MB of disk space and 256 MB of RAM. For a Windows computer, you need Windows 10 (with the Fall Creators update) or higher. For a Mac computer, you need macOS Sierra 10.12 or higher. Note: The app must be stored in your Applications folder to work as expected. BrowserCam provides you with Dropbox Paper for PC (Windows) download for free. Even if Dropbox Paper application is designed for the Android mobile phone along with iOS by Dropbox, Inc. You're able to install Dropbox Paper on PC for MAC computer.

Essential requirements for Linux

If you’re computer is running Linux, and you want to run the Dropbox app, you need to use:

  • Operating system Ubuntu 14.04 or higher, Fedora 21 or higher
  • Glibc 2.19 or higher
  • The latest Dropbox app for Linux
  • A Dropbox folder on a hard drive or partition formatted with one the following file system types:
    • ext4
    • zfs (on 64-bit systems only)
    • eCryptFS (back by ext4)
    • xfs (on 64-bit systems only)
    • btrfs

Note: If your device does not meet the operating system requirements, you may still be able to use the Dropbox desktop application, but results may vary.

  • If you experience an issue and contact Dropbox support without the correct system requirements for Linux, you will be asked to use the correct system requirements

The full Dropbox app on Linux

In addition, if you’d like to get the full Dropbox desktop app, you need to use:

Dropbox Paper For Mac Installer

  • A computer capable of running the required operating system, and one of the following desktop environments:
    • GNOME shell (may need the TopIcons extension to get the tray icon)
    • Unity
    • GNOME Classic
    • XFCE with the corresponding Nautilus dependencies
  • These additional requirements, when applicable:
    • GTK 2.24 or higher
    • Glib 2.40 or higher
    • Libappindicator 12.10 or higher
    • Nautilus 3.10.1 or higher

The headless Dropbox app on Linux

If you’d like to run the Dropbox app “headless” (using the command line only), you only need the Dropbox app essential requirements. Then you can install the app and use the Linux Command Line Interface (CLI) to control the desktop app.

If you recently upgraded to the latest version of macOS, and you have the Dropbox desktop app installed on your computer, we recommend you update to the latest version of Dropbox for the best experience.


After updating your device to macOS Catalina, you’ll see a notification that says “Dropbox Would Like to Send You Notifications”.

Clicking Allow ensuresyou’ll stay up-to-date on all of your file activity.

You can change your notification preferences at any time by opening System Preferences and clicking Notifications.

Camera uploads

When you plug your mobile device into your computer after updating to macOS 10.15, you’ll see a notification that says “’Dropbox’ would like to access files on a removable volume.”

Clicking OK ensures Dropbox uploads photos from your mobile device automatically. Learn more about Camera uploads.

Screenshots and screen recordings

After taking your first screenshot or screen recording on macOS Catalina, you may see a notification that says “’Dropbox’ would like to access files in your Desktop folder.”

Dropbox Paper For Mac High Sierra


Dropbox For Mac Desktop


Dropbox For Mac Free Download

Clicking OK allows all of your screenshots and screen recordings to automatically save to a Dropbox folder called Screenshots.