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Download simple to use Software for Employee Monitoring, Security, Classroom Management, Surveillance. You don't need registration. Employee Monitoring Software for Mac Monitask makes it easier than ever to log the hours your employees work and how they use their time. Download for macOS. Why Use Employee Monitoring Software? Monitask encourages your employees to analyze the way they use their time, leading to improvements in teamwide productivity. Employee monitoring is the act of supervising employee PC or Mac activity on company owned devices from a centrally managed console or user interface. InterGuard is an employee monitoring software that offers both a cloud based and a self hosted User Interface for clients with stringent security or compliance requirements. REFOG Keylogger Software – monitor your kids computer activities, chats and social communications with easy online access. Invisible and undetectable for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7. Easemon Features. Easemon Employee Monitor for Mac and Windows PC is a centralized employee monitoring solution, invisibly monitors logs keystrokes, emails, instant messages, screenshots, websites visited, applications, etc.There is no faster or more accurate way to monitor employee activities in following aspects than with this Employee Monitoring Software for Mac and Windows PC.

You can use TeamLogger in your organization in two modes: Timer Mode and Background Mode.

Timer Mode: In timer mode tracking, your employee simply selects a project and a task and starts the timer using our lightweight desktop timer application. Teamlogger automatically records employee's screen activity by capturing screenshots and logs time spent on each task and project. TeamLogger also monitors the frequency and pattern of the employee's keyboard and mouse activity to show you how actively an employee is interating with his or her computer.


Background Mode: In background mode tracking, your employees do not need to start the timer manually every time they work. In background mode, timer automatically starts in the background (without a window) when the computer starts. It keeps logging time, activitiy level and screenshots without user intervention while running in the background. To enable this feature for your account, please reach out to [email protected]

As an employer, you can also turn of the screenshot feature and use only task and activity level tracking for your employees. You can even turn and customize tracking features individually for each employee.

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Monitor employee computer activities, improve employee productivity and protect company confidential data.

Employee Activity Monitor is a top-level, all-in-one and centralized employee computer monitoring software
designed for enterprises, education orgs and governments.

Prevent confidential crisis

EAM automatically detect and track the employee risk or inappropriate behavior such as important documents and files be copied, deleted or sent. EAM use smart rules & real time alerts to help you know employee fraud and prevent data loss.

Guarantee data security

EAM is capable of automatically backing up all files in employees' workstation to ensure the data security, and you could set the rules to encrypt the confidential files, to completely eliminate the risk of data breach.

Increase productivity

EAM monitor and control users activity, and capable of filtering or limiting websites, application, network traffic to reduce employees' non-work related activities so as to improve employee work productivity in workplace.

Efficient Management

With EAM, you would get scheduled employee productivity reports (daily, weekly, monthly). Reports show application used, website visited, keystrokes, active working time and idle time, greatly facilitate your management work.

iMonitor EAM Features

Why Choose iMonitor EAM?


Multifunctional Centralized Solution

Compare with others, iMonitor EAM is one of the most feature-rich monitoring softwares, such as insider threat detection & response; data security encryption; employee activity monitoring; employee investigations; intelligent employee management, Etc. which could provide multiple solutions to satisfy any requirement of users.

The Broadest OS and network architecture coverage

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iMonitor EAM supports all popular operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux), virtual machine system and network architectures. With iMonitor EAM, you don’t have to worry about different network or multi-subnet issues: we support any hybrid enterprise architecture.


Large-scale Deployment Friendly

Compare with cloud based monitoring solution, iMonitor EAM has almost no delaying in data transfer and it is more stable in general usage due to it’s local server based, plus the remotely mass install available, which becomes the best solution for large scale company.

24*7 Professional Technical Service

iMonitor EAM has professional technical service team 24*7 be on call. If you met any troubles about deploy or have any confusion about how to use; our technical team would quick response to provide you online remote guidance until the problem solved.

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This computer-monitoring software is running in total stealth mode and it can secretly monitor employees. The software is not visible in the system tray, desktop, system processes or other areas of the computer. iMonitor has a small memory footprint and does not slow the monitored machine.

Designed to protect company data and ensure employee productivity and adherence to company policy, iMonitor EAM gives admins access to a central dashboard that oversees the entire staff ecosystem.

If you are looking for a robust, comprehensive, tried, tested and trusted employee monitoring software solution then look no further than Employee Activity Monitor. This software not only lets you effectively monitor your employee’s every activity on their computer, it can also give you the ability to completely take over their machines.

All in all, this is a brilliant employee monitoring program with a huge amount of benefits. There's a few things that could be added, like more scheduling options and the ability to monitor email attachments but the comprehensive document monitoring more than makes up for this.

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