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Once upon a time, Internet Explorer was the default browser on all Apple Mac devices. Until 2003, when Apple released Safari, which eventually resulted in Microsoft discontinuing any support for Internet Explorer for Mac from 2005 onwards.

After that, the agreement that Apple and Microsoft was dissolved and any download links from official sites were removed. Getting IE or a newer Microsoft browser, Edge, on a Mac, simply isn't possible unless you want to download a potentially risky version from Torrent sites (not recommended).

Download & Install VirtualBox – Download Now (direct.dmg download link) – or visit VirtualBox. Remote IE is an amazing tool launched by Microsoft. It runs on literally any platform. I have a mac mini containing MAC OS X 10.7.4. I must need to go through some sites / links which are strictly allowed only for InternetExplorer, So that i installed ie on my mac. While open ie application it doesn't opened and prompt amessage like as follow. You can't open the application Internet Explorer because PowerPC applications are no longer supported.

So unless you are still running Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and earlier versions, you won't be able to get and operate Internet Explorer, and the only versions you might be able to access have been unsupported since 2005.

For anyone with a passing familiarity with computers, that sounds like a major security breach waiting to happen. You don't want to be attempting to run a browser that hasn't benefited from any official support and upgrades for over a decade; so for those who need access to IE, this article is about how to get Internet Explorer for Mac.

How to get Internet Explorer for Mac?

As we mentioned, IE and Microsoft’s more evolved browser, Edge, is not directly available for Mac users. It isn't as though there aren't plenty of other browsers around, including Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

However, for those who develop apps and web-based technology, it can be useful - if not essential - to view how something is going to look and function on other web browsers, including Internet Explorer. It could be detrimental, especially if you've got users or customers of a web-based product, to launch it with no knowledge or testing of the user-experience across a range of browsers, including Internet Explorer.

Thankfully, there is a way to simulate having Internet Explorer on a Mac without downloading a security risk or using a Mac which is running Snow Leopard. Here is how you can get Internet Explorer on a Mac:

  1. Open Safari (this can be used to test the browser experience from other operating systems)
  2. Go to Preferences > Advanced
  3. At the bottom of this is a checkbox: Tick it: “Show Develop menu in menu bar”
  4. Now this gives you access to Developer Tools (known as the Develop menu in Safari’s menu bar);
  5. The Develop Menu is accessible through the top toolbar when Safari is open
  6. Go to User Agent
  7. Within that, you should be able to select a number of Internet Explorer and Edge browser versions to experience on a Mac, which should give you the user-experience required to test a new web-based product on those browsers on a Mac
  8. Whatever website you are on will automatically refresh to mirror an IE or Edge experience, on Mac. Do remember to switch back to Safari after you’ve visited that website using the User Agent option in the Develop menu.

If, for any reason, you need to take the IE experience to the next level on a Mac, you could download a virtual machine (such as VMware Fusion, which has a Windows license), therefore creating a Microsoft environment on a Mac, which would allow you to download Internet Explorer.

Before you do that, it can be useful to make sure your Mac is running at peak performance and not cluttered up with unwanted system junk. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Download CleanMyMac X (for free, here)
  2. Click on the Systems Junk tab
  3. Once your systems have been scanned, you can safely delete anything taking up space and slowing your Mac down.

Run Internet Explorer on a virtual machine

For those who need to take this one step further, here is how you can use Internet Explorer and run other Microsoft programs.

  1. Buy and download virtual machine software (such as VMware fusion)
  2. Now download a Windows ISO file (from the relevant Microsoft website)
  3. Launch VMware Fusion
  4. During the installation sequence, click “Create a new custom virtual machine”
  5. Drag and drop the Windows ISO file into the dialogue window
  6. Click Finish
  7. Then relaunch the Virtual Machine
  8. Now you can download Internet Explorer, Edge and any number of web or app-based Microsoft products.

When you want to go back to running software on macOS, remember to close the virtual machine and revert to your Mac how it usually is. For those who want to improve their overall Mac experience, the app we mentioned - CleanMyMac X - is well worth downloading. CleanMyMac X was created to make your life and work easier, and make your Mac operate as good as new.

Here at Restorations HQ, we really like System 7.5.5. It has the right balance of vintage feel, hardware compatibility, and modern data exchange capabilities. It runs on almost everything* from the Mac Plus to the Power Mac 9500/180MP, a range that includes most of the models we’re interested in – and it’s free.

Much has been said about software that supposedly works on Mac OS 7.6 but not on 7.5.5. These claims are patently absurd: 7.5 and 7.6 are practically the same. Except for a few bug fixes and speed improvements for Power Macs, everything in 7.6.1 is present in 7.5.5 as well.

Please don’t get me wrong: I like Mac OS 7.6.1 very much, and I don’t mean to knock it. My desire is only to show that System 7.5.5 isn’t out of the running.

To that end, let’s discuss two popular programs that “won’t work under System 7.5.5.”

Internet 7 explorer for mac os versions

The Last Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer has a mixed history as a Macintosh application. In the early 1990s, before the Browser Wars, early IE versions were naught but enhanced versions of NSCA Mosaic. As competition between Microsoft and Netscape heated up, the choice between IE and Navigator became a critical divide in a conflict of almost religious zeal.

With each new version, Internet Explorer became more and more Windows-like, to the disappointment of many Mac users.

Internet Explorer 5 for Macintosh was a dramatic change from that trend. With it, Microsoft beat Netscape in offering progressive rendering technology. This made IE 5 dramatically faster than either IE 4 or Navigator 4.

Another revolutionary feature of IE 5 for Mac was the new interface. It was very modern at the time and intuitively Mac-like. Consequently, it was much more popular than previous versions of IE.

The last release of IE for the classic Mac OS is 5.1.7. Microsoft discontinued support for Classic afterward, choosing to focus on Mac OS X. The Microsoft website cites security concerns and no longer offers a download of Internet Explorer for Mac. Version 5.1.6 can still be downloaded from Tucows.

Internet 7 Explorer For Mac Os High Sierra

Installing Internet Explorer onto a Power Mac running System 7.5.5 couldn’t be easier. You will need to have your 7.5.5 updated with the newest features, as detailed on my personal site. Once your System Software is ready, simply drag the Internet Explorer folder to your hard drive. When you first run the program, it will automagically put all its parts where they need to be.

Is Mac OS 7.6.1 required? Not at all.

Jamming to the Sounds

Another great Mac application that has been said to require Mac OS 7.6.1 is the venerable SoundJam MP from Cassady and Greene. Before the days of iTunes, SoundJam had a virtual lock on the Mac MP3 market, despite being a US$50 commercial program. It was so good that Apple bought it outright and used it as the basis for iTunes.

Unfortunately, the SoundJam MP installation procedure isn’t quite as simple as that for Internet Explorer. When launched, it quits with a message that Mac OS 7.6.1 is required.

Is this because of some missing feature in 7.5.5? Not even!

Internet 7 Explorer For Mac Os

SoundJam looks for OS version 7.6.1 or later.

SoundJam MP’s affinity for Mac OS 7.6.1 is completely artificial. When it starts up, it asks the Mac for the version of the current System Software. If that number is less than 7.6.1, SoundJam simply winks out. Fortunately, this type of check is easy to fool.

By simply adjusting the version number listed in the ‘VERS’ resources of the System Suitcase, we can fool SoundJam MP into thinking it is running on Mac OS 7.6.1. This can be accomplished in about ten seconds using ResEdit. For those who are squeamish about delving into their Mac’s innards, I have provided a patch.

SoundJam running on System 7.5.5.

As with Internet Explorer, it is important to bring your System 7.5.5 up-to-date before installing SoundJam.

A Closing Note

The principle illustrated by IE and SoundJam couldn’t be much clearer: There’s nothing that Mac OS 7.6.1 can do that System 7.5.5 cannot. Even a program that explicitly checks for 7.6 works fine – once it’s tricked into running.

What about all the newer software that ships with 7.6? Doesn’t that make it far more convenient than 7.5.5?

File Explorer For Mac Os

Not really. To get the most mileage out of 7.6, it’s necessary to install the 7.6.1 Update, Open Transport 1.1.3, LaserWriter 8.5.1, AppleShare Client, Appearance Manager, and the appropriate version of QuickTime.

Sound familiar? That’s practically the same as the list of updates I recommend for System 7.5.5.

Internet 7 Explorer For Mac Os

If you’ve been considering Mac OS 7.6.1 but can’t find a CD, give System 7.5.5 a whirl. All you’ll be missing out on is the fancy new installer, updated Extensions Manager, and hassle of finding that darn CD.

Mac OS 7.6.1 is a great version, but 7.5.5 users shouldn’t let anybody tell them they’re behind the times.

* Exceptions: The PowerBook 1400, Power Mac 4400, and clones using the Tanzania motherboard can run System 7.5.3 but are not compatible with 7.5.5.

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Internet 7 Explorer For Mac Os Versions

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