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CREATE AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN LEGO® WORLD Build any world you can imagine using the brick-by-brick editor tool and prefabricated LEGO® structures. Modify terrain quickly and easily with terraforming tools as you turn mountains into plains and oceans into volcanos.

Those who loved building their own creations out of Lego blocks as a child will love exploring the areas found in Lego Worlds, a sandbox game that gives players complete control over their own customized universes.

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Lego Worlds is just the newest video game available from the company behind those famous building blocks, but this game goes far beyond Lego Batman and other games that came out in the past. The game starts you out in a small world that features building blocks, also known as bricks, spread around the land. As you move across the map, you'll come across areas that feature bricks. Each area will give you an object to build and ask you to find the necessary bricks. Once you complete each object, you'll receive studs. Those studs let you buy bricks, accessories, and decorations for constructing buildings of your own.

Though an early version of the game arrived in 2015, it didn't take long before beta testers released digital images of their creations. Their worlds featured everything from fast food restaurants and hospitals to vehicles and re-creations of famous buildings. Lego Worlds is only available as a single player game, but there are plans to introduce multi-player modes in the future that will let you explore the worlds created by others and help your friends with their missions.

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As you move across each map, you'll find a number of specialty and general bricks. Those bricks can help you accomplish missions and also build your own objects, including vehicles like helicopters and spaceships. In addition to the studs you get for completing missions, you can also find hidden treasure chests on each map. Those chests have extra coins hidden inside. The game also cycles through the hours of the day to let you experience both day and night in your world.

Macy is a playable character in LEGO Worlds, based on the character of the same name from the Nexo Knights theme of LEGO sets. She is downloadable free with Knighton Wall North, a Brick Build in the Build Showcase and part of the complete Knighton Castle. World is the term for generated levels in LEGO Worlds. Each world is a unique, procedurally generated collection of Biomes, based on that world's Galactic Coordinate and Zone. Each world is square, with sharp edges that drop off into a void. Before playing, the Player needs to generate a World to play in. LEGO Worlds will automatically generate the first world in Adventure Mode, a simple. So for some who want to give Lego Worlds a go on your mac you can try it out using Cross Over. Hope this helps people, please keep in mind that the game may not run correctly but will give you the chance to play it for a while using the trail.

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While Lego Worlds is a fun game, it's still in its beta stage right now. As the developers listen to feedback from players, it's likely that they will introduce some significant changes in the future. Once you build a few objects and move around your world, you may find that the game feels repetitive and that you wish there was more to do. You can download and play the early version of the game now to get a feel for it before the full version lands later.


  • Lets you create your own unique Lego world
  • Use bricks to build objects, buildings, and even animals
  • Hidden treasure chests on each map add to the game play
  • Gives you studs for building objects from Lego bricks
  • Early access/beta version lets you get in on the ground floor


Lego World Mac To Buy

  • Lack of things to do leads to repetitive game play
  • Only lets you play by yourself
  • Some bricks are hard to find which makes building certain objects difficult
  • Cannot compete with the missions and play found in Minecraft