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Would you like to know what to do if you are using OBS after upgrading your operating system to macOS Catalina because that will fix all your issues?

OBS Link is a small program that lives in the menu bar of your Mac. It grabs the incoming video from your Elgato Game Capture HD60 S and converts it to NDI. The NDI signal can then be captured in OBS Studio using the NDI plugin. Latency of the game going to OBS Studio via OBS Link is around 250ms. OBS Studio for Mac uses H264 and AAC encoding formats and specifically accepts Twitch, Youtube and Dailymotion as a live streaming platform. In conclusion, Open Broadcaster Software is a free and powerful solution for streaming games across multiple live streaming platforms. Streamlabs Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free cloud-based live streaming software for Twitch, YouTube, & Facebook. Free Live Streaming Software on Windows and Mac Streamlabs OBS. I’ve got OBS working now. I upgraded my operating system with the hope it would help me use a different feature on Mac to use Bootcamp Assistant to install Windows and that did not work, but now I’ve got macOS Catalina. Once you’ve learned this for OBS, you will also be familiar that other applications need these permissions as well.

Does OBS Work on MacOS Catalina + How To Set Permissions After Upgrading!

Does OBS work on macOS Catalina and what do we need to do to make it work?

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Technically, as soon as you upgrade, it will not work. You need to go through and make several permissions in order to allow OBS to work.

Check out my OBS course.

That means if you are considering upgrading to macOS Catalina, you will need to plan some time and energy to make the conversion from your previous operating system into Catalina.

I generally think it’s a good idea to be on a newer operating system as long as it’s had enough time to work out some of the kinks. It’s been about six months since Catalina was released and OBS has been working on it.

Obviously OBS is working on macOS Catalina since I’m using this to film the video.

What I’ll do here is show you how I got it working, what I had to go through.

First, in order to get this to work, I needed to go through and set a bunch of these different permissions that come up.

You need to allow OBS to receive keystrokes from any application.

You need to allow OBS to use the microphone.

You need to allow OBS if you want it to, to do alerts and popups.

Each of these will pop up individually.

You need to check all of them to make sure it works.

You need to do this in the “Security & Privacy” section of your Mac.

You click on “Settings,” then you go in and when it asks for permission, makes sure you say, “Yes” or that feature won’t work.

This is what it looks like when you’ve given it permission.

Then, once it’s checked, that means it’s working.

OBS needs permission to do a lot of different things on your computer. If you haven’t set some of these up, and then you try to do them, you may encounter this.

Make sure when any permission comes up that you click “Open System Preferences.”

Then you need to close OBS in order for it to work.

Then you can actually get it to work.

You need to do this with the microphone, the camera, the keystrokes and the screen recording.

I like that Mac is helping us make sure applications are not using our camera, our microphones, our key strokes or our screen in the background without our permission.

Unfortunately for OBS, this means a lot of permissions to make sure it can do it.

You set all these, and there is more bad news on top of that.

Once you allow OBS to use the camera, you need to go in and add your cameras again.

Yes, you heard that correctly.

If you’re like me and you’ve got all these different scenes that you move your face around on, I had to go add my camera and apply all the filters to it again.


Once you do that, then you’re ready to go at full performance.

Unfortunately, this means for every single profile.

Obs For Mac 10.12

For example, for me, I have a vertical video profile where I film videos for stories, applications like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube stories.

I filmed those vertical, which means I need to add my camera back on both of those profiles to make it work.

You also need to set your microphone up again.

If your microphone is on anything but the default device when you try to start OBS, it will not begin recording even if you give it permission, and in my case it was on the wrong microphone.

That means you need to go through and put the correct microphone on before you start recording or live streaming.

Luckily, I didn’t get caught live streaming or filming a long recording without having the microphone on. I always check the microphone levels to make sure it’s working anytime I get into the studio.

Once you’ve done all that, OBS should be working just fine for you.

I’ve got OBS working now.

I upgraded my operating system with the hope it would help me use a different feature on Mac to use Bootcamp Assistant to install Windows and that did not work, but now I’ve got macOS Catalina.

Once you’ve learned this for OBS, you will also be familiar that other applications need these permissions as well.

For example, I use Snagit to capture images and edit them off my screen for pictures. I take a video, drop it into Snagit, grab the first thumbnail really quickly off of it. I don’t even have to edit since I record with OBS.

I had to go through and do these permissions separately for Snagit to also get it to work.

The good news is OBS and macOS Catalina do work well together once you get all of these different things done, it will work for you and you will be in luck with it.

Final Words

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