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Dressing for success is so much more than simply choosing an outfit that looks fresh, casual and yet professional. As I’ve come to learn from the Fashion for Business event created by Biz magazine last week, your professional image should not be underestimated, especially if you’re planning to advance in your career and achieve your goals.

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The thought and care you put into your image as a career woman should not be limited to the outfits you choose for your business meetings, but should reflect in every aspect that ties together the whole ensemble. With what I gathered from the Business Makeup workshop sponsored by Avon and what other tricks I have for achieving a casual business makeup, manicure and hairstyle, you’ll have all the necessary tools for creating a professional office look every day.

A challenge many young women face nowadays is choosing a professional casual makeup, hairstyle and outfit that don’t overpower their look and let their skills and talent shine. When it comes to your place of work, less is more in terms of makeup. However, no makeup is as bad as too much makeup, as this reflects to your clients, investors and customers that your professional life casts a shadow over your personal one, that you don’t care too much about yourself to properly groom and take care of your image.

A woman’s professional appearance needs to support her professional accomplishments, which is why looking competent and confident is incredibly important. I for one, can’t imagine doing that without makeup and studies show that women who wear makeup at work are more likely to get promoted.

Office makeup

But before you get ahead of yourself and announce that you’re buying tonight, let me first give you some tips on how to achieve a professional, casual business makeup.

Business Makeup Tips

Mac professional makeup classes

There are a few basic aspects to consider when doing you business makeup. I’ll try to present them as clearly as I possibly can:

Groom your eyebrows and prep your skin – as per usual, makeup looks much better when your skin is healthy and clear. Keep a skin care routine fitted to your needs, make appointments to see your cosmetician once a month and keep your eyebrows groomed and styled at all times.

Use professional makeup products – not only are these better for your skin, but they also wear better and help you maintain your look perfect for the entire day

Keep it simple – you have to be able to do your makeup each morning, before you go to work, in about 10-15 minutes.

Mac Cosmetic Makeup

Office For Mac Professional Makeup

Keep it natural – less is more when it comes to a business makeup, therefore try to emphasize your natural features rather than distract everyone you talk to with an accent feature.

Business Makeup Tips

Choose a color scheme that compliments your features – the best color options for an office makeup are not the color trends of each year, but rather a range of neutral tones and complimentary shades, that make your eyes and hair color stand out.

The best eye shadow shades are beige, champagne, golden rose, vanilla, taupe, brown, camel, peach, plum, gray, chocolate, cooper, bronze or charcoal. Here are a few color scheme popular shades for brown eyes, some eye makeup ideas for green eyes and some makeup tips for blue eyes.

Choose warm tones for the office – the fluorescent lighting in most office buildings is cool (bluish white). Because this tends to bring out pallor in the skin tone, you need to use makeup to your advantage to counteract sallow undertones and brighten the complexion.

Thus, regardless of your skin tone, choose warm tones for your eye shadows – golden beige, vanilla, peach, plum, chocolate browns, rather than blue, gray, greens, pink or purple shades. This applies to both lipstick and blush, so choose carefully!

Carry blotting tissues for touch ups – after lunchtime, I recommend stripping your skin of excess oils by blotting some touch ups tissues rather than powdering and caking your face. You can find some at MAC, Sephora or MUFE.

Office Makeup tips

Mac Professional Makeup Kit

Business Makeup Advice

The most important aspect of your office makeup should be a flawless complexion, that stays perfect all day, regardless of bad weather or hot days. With that in mind, my strongest advice for a business casual makeup is that you pay attention to your complexion.

Office For Mac Professional Makeup Artist

By choosing a good foundation according to your skin type, that has a good formula and a mattyfing effect, you can cut down on touch ups between meetings or in the office elevators and focus on the task at hand.

Make sure you apply a face primer before your foundation, and always blend the later below your jaw line to make the transition invisible to the naked eye.

Business Makeup Look

Next, get rid of the dark circles under your eyes, that make you look like you haven’t slept all week. These send out the message that you are too tired to focus on your job or that you don’t have an organized life. To avoid any misconceptions, please invest in a quality under-eye concealer. I narrowed down the best makeup concealers on the market that will help you camouflage dark circles in an instance.

If you have any skin issues at the moment, like blemishes or acne, you should try to conceal these spots as well. Stress and bad eating habits are contributing factors to these issues, so if you don’t want to look like you’re in over your head, get your hands on one of the 20 best makeup concealers out there, that cover acne, veins, scars or tattoos.

After your face is a perfect canvas, apply a sheer dusting of loose powder to set your makeup and make it last all day. Matte is always more appropriate for the office than a dewy complexion. A touch of peach toned blush and you already look more competent, fresh and ready for action.

Business Casual Makeup looks

It’s time for the eye makeup, and since you want your make-up to stand the test of time, start with a good base and apply an eye primer. There are a number of excellent products available that I can recommend, like NYX HD Eye shadow base, MAC PaintPot, Urban Decay Priming Potion, ELF Eye Shadow Primer or Too Faced Shadow Insurance are just a couple of my picks for eye shadows.

Before we move on to the eye makeup, don’t neglect your eyebrows. If you find yourself in a hurry and need to decide if you either do a complete eye makeup or just use some mascara and properly fill your eyebrows in, I’d choose the later.

It will take just a couple of minutes to fill your eyebrow shape with a powder, an eyebrow pencil or a brow gel, and if you find yourself in a rush, a touch of clear brown gel does the trick and keeps your eye brows tamed.

As I mentioned earlier, the best options for the eye makeup are matte eye shadows in neutral shades. You can choose some with a subtle shimmer to them, but don’t use glittery colors at the office. Best keep those for the weekend!

Apply a bright neutral beige or peach color on the entire lid to make your eyes wide awake. Pick either neutral shades or pale hues that are complimentary to your eye color. These make your features stand out, without overpowering your look.

You can apply only the base color and contour your eyelashes subtly for a quick and easy makeup look, or if you want to spend a bit more time getting ready, choose a medium shade that compliments your eye color.

Natural Eye Shadow options for a business makeup

My advice is to blend the colors you use in the crease and keep the focus on the lids. Blending outside this perimeter onto the brow bone might be a bit too much for the office, so keep it casual and think day-time look. Something too dark, too graphic or that resembles a Smoky Eye might be better for an evening look.

After you applied the base color and a medium color on the center of your lid, you can add a little definition to the eye area, by softly adding a crease color and blend it to the outer corner of the eye, close to the lash line.

Chocolate browns, grays, bronze or taupe are always more appropriate than black, a much too strong color for the office. If you need extra definition, line your eyes using a brown eye pencil or a gel eyeliner close to the lashes, just on the outer third of the eye. This won’t make it too strong, and will make your eyes look gorgeous.

Avoid dark Kohl liners on the inner rims of your eyes, as these tend to smudge throughout the day and make you look unprofessional. Try instead a beige concealer pencil, that you can apply on the inner rims and make your eyes stand out more. This will also counteract any redness in your eyes.

Before you apply mascara, give your lashes a good curl to make you look more wide awake. I don’t recommend a waterproof mascara on a daily use, however make sure you choose a high quality brand, that won’t smudge and give you panda eyes.


Office Makeup – business meeting pointers

Business makeup Looks

With lip colors, you have a few more options to express yourself than with eye shadows. For your daily look, you can either go for a nude lip pencil and a gloss, that you can reapply during the day or choose a creamy lipstick in a dark pinkish nude hue. Neutral pinks and soft subtle corals are the best choices for your typical office day, however make sure that you go with something a little bit bolder at your next meeting.

Mac professional makeup kit

A confident woman will always feel the need to stand out in a crowd, even if we’re talking about a professional environment. Rather than overpowering your eyes with dark or bright colors, try adding some color into your look on your lips.

A berry or brown red shade that matches your skin tone will give you a bit of that retro working girl vibe and keep your spirits up when you don’t feel particularly confident. These shades will also make your teeth look even whiter, on the plus side.

Make sure that you keep a set of retractable brushes and an “essential survivor makeup kit” in your purse at all times. This should include, but not be limited to a concealer, powder, blotting tissues, a few lipsticks and glosses for touch ups and whatever you think you’ll need to turn your makeup from an office-friendly zone into a party zone. Just in case you have to attend a party or an event after work and you don’t have enough time to drop by your house.

Hope you learned a few extra business makeup tips and that you feel confident and more competent in your skills. If you have any more questions or need product recommendations, please feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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  • Overview

    AOFM international academies are world-famous and we have been VOTED the Number One makeup school in Europe and in the top 3 of the Best makeup schools in the world on Google

    This starts from absolute Beginner’s level taking you to an Advanced Level to become a Professional Makeup Artist.

    Upon completion of this course you will be awarded:

    “The Professional Hair and Makeup Certificate”
    This certificate includes Hair Styling, Foundation and Creative makeup from the (London Academy of Freelance Makeup)
    And students can obtain 3 further Optional International Acadeditions

    Benefits and Exclusive Opportunities for Students include

    Train from Dubai’s-largest accredited makeup school offering more Internationally recognised and accredited qualifications and certificates to our students than any other school in Dubai

    Dubai’s- Only British makeup school who is accredited and awards students with certificates By the UK government Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual)

    Learn from several Guest International Makeup Artists especially flown in from London, New York, Europe and North America as well as Top Local Makeup Artists

    Includes a Professional photo shoot day with International Fashion Photographer and Agency models, as if you were on a working magazine shoot.

    AOFM offers student Pro discounts on over 300 Makeup brands including, Charlotte Tilbury, Nars, Bobbi Brown and MAC

    AOFM is the ONLY makeup school listed on the MACPro cosmetics website. We have 3 International Makeup School locations that are MAC registered schools for Professional Makeup Artists.

    Dubai’s ONLY school to offer a FREE and unlimited aftercare program after graduating with brands such as Tom Ford, MAC Pro, Bobbi Brown, Charlotte Tilbury Chanel and international contacts and guest speakers.. See our Aftercare page for full


    Upon graduating from an eligible course, we offer students the opportunity to take advantage of our exclusive International Work experience and work placements through our creatives agency .The ONLY makeup school in Dubai to place graduates on more than 700 plus global work placements every year after training so students can build industry contacts to kickstart their careers. Please note these are not guaranteed – each student is required to demonstrate to us they are professional and reliable to take advantage of these amazing opportunities and to work with our clients. Graduates are also required to pass an internal practical test. Please note that our work experience placements are not included in the course fees – they are an extra bonus of support offered to our graduates. To see where in the world you could be working with our AOFM Pro team, check out our Opportunities page.


  • Syllabus


    Week 1 Foundation level Course

    • Make-up artist hygiene
    • Health and safety
    • Anatomy and physiology
    • Skin preparation
    • Foundation selection and application
    • Natural beauty makeup
    • Contouring and highlighting
    • Corrective and camouflage techniques
    • Creating glowing skin
    • Powders, bronzers and highlighters
    • Glamour makeup
    • Eyebrow shaping using makeup
    • Eyeshadows in powders and creams
    • Smokey eyes
    • Pencil/Liquid liner
    • False lash application
    • Bridal makeup
    • Blusher in cream and powder
    • Primers for face and eyes
    • Consultation techniques
    • Mascaras
    • Lipsticks, glosses and liners
    • Male, mature and ethnic makeup
    • Corrective techniques for different skin tones
    • How to apply male makeup
    • Different types of foundations and which to use depending on skin type
    • Ethnic makeup
    • Photography makeup
    • Commercial/Advertising
    • Understanding of photography lighting
    • Black & white/colour Photography Make Up
    • Using pigments to create intensity

    Week 2 Creative Makeup Artistry

    • Period makeup
    • How to block out eyebrows
    • Winged eyeliner
    • Stencils/Tattoo
    • Blending and 3D techniques
    • Textures and avant garde
    • Glitters, pigments, crystals and grease paints
    • Creating face charts
    • Fashion editorial and magazine Makeup
    • Hands and body makeup
    • Catwalk makeup
    • Fashion industry knowledge
    • Backstage etiquette
    • Getting started in the industry
    • Building a professional makeup kit
    • Photoshoot session with a professional photographer, Hairstylist and agency model

    Week 3 Hair Styling Course

    • Hair product selection
    • Tools and equipment
    • Sectioning
    • Blow drying
    • Setting hair
    • Creating curls with hot tools
    • Hair pieces and clip in extensions
    • Bridal hair up
    • Fashion editorial and catwalk
    • Hygiene
  • Fees & Dates

    AED 15500 +5% VAT
    AOFMpro 25 piece brush collection included FREE AED1500
    OPTIONAL INDIVIDUAL Accreditation fees for 3 extra certificates AED 970 +5% VAT
    All makeup and materials are provided during training. Students will use full cosmetic ranges from MAC PRO, Nars, Bobbi Brown, Charlotte Tillbury, Huda Beauty and more.

    Payment Plan:

    The Academy will accept a 50% deposit to hold a student place at the time of booking.

    All fees must be paid in full no later than 5 weeks prior to the course date.

    When booked as a course package rather than individual modules you will receive a AED 4000 discount

    Course dates and times

    This course runs from 10 am – 6 pm

    19 days Sunday to Thursday over 3 weeks

    SEPTEMBER 20th September 2020 – 13th October 2020

    Accreditation Test Dates To be Confirmed

    NOVEMBER 08th November 2020 – 1st December 2020

    Accreditation Test Dates To be Confirmed

    JANUARY 10th January 2021 – 2nd February 2021

    Accreditation Test Dates To be Confirmed

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