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Radio is still popular among many people and technological innovations have brought the best radio players. Radio players help one to listen to radio programs of various radio stations broadcasted all over the world. They allow recording favorite radio programs and save them to hard drive as well.

Elmedia Video Player. This MacOS media player has an incredibly smooth, stylish interface that. Elmedia Player is the top-rated solution for Mac that supports such wireless technologies as Chromecast, AirPlay and DLNA allowing you to quickly and easily stream media files from your computer to Smart TV or to any other AirPlay, Chromecast, and DLNA-compliant devices. Not only can you download TV shows, but you can also download radio shows, all in either QuickTime files (for TV content) or MP3 files (for radio). Mac OS X 10.5 Intel/PPC/Server.


  • MKV Video Players

To know more about these radio players one can go through Google using “internet radio player software”, “best internet radio player”, “online internet radio” or “radio player app”.


TapinRadio comes with plenty of radio stations all over the world. It allows recording radio programs and allows scheduling of recording as well. It comes with sleep timer and automatic volume adjustment features. It comes with latest search tool to find a radio station and favorite menu to play stations easily.

Video Player Mac Os

Spider Player

Spider Player comes with excellent user interface and great sound quality. It supports major playlist formats and multi-language. It comes with plenty of settings like changing skins, automatic download of lyrics and setting hot keys. It allows controlling playback by dragging and dropping the status bar. It comes with CD ripper also.

GOM Audio

GOM Audio comes with pre-loaded popular radio stations from all over the world. It allows shutting down the system automatically on completing the playlists. It comes with three different display modes and allows changing skins too. It comes with repeat and playback speed control features along with shortcut key support. is online radio station player and allows one listening radio programs easily. It comes with various categories like popular, music, news & talk, sports and many more. It allows changing stations; mute the radio program and finding events in local area. It allows listen to favorite radio stations also.

Other Radio Players for Different Platforms

One can find varieties of radio players available for various platforms like Windows, Mac Os and Android. These radio players entirely depend on the platform to work and hence one should verify for platform compatibility. To know about features of these radio players one can go through the below content mentioned for each platform.

Free Radio Player for Windows – Nexus Radio

Nexus radio allows listening to over 12000 radio stations and recording the radio programs easily. It comes with easy-to-use interface and allows selecting stations by various categories. It allows building favorite programs list and comes with visualizations as well as Facebook integration. It allows scheduling of recording radio programs and compatible with mobile devices.

Free Radio Player for Mac Os – FStream

Fstream comes with simple and customizable interface which allows adding and organizing streams easily. It allows recording radio programs and does not use much of computer resources. It does not interfere with other applications while playing radio programs. It is easy-to-use player and comes with simple functions. It allows accessing preselected lists.

Free Radio Player for Android – TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio comes with huge collection of radio stations like sports, news, music and many more. It allows following one’s favorite radio stations, shows and podcasts. It allows sharing favorite programs through social media. It allows streaming favorite radio stations and launching application with Google voice. It allows listening radio through Google Chromecast and Android TV.

More Great Radio Players for Windows, Android and Mac Os

For windows version some of the radio players are “Readon TV Movie Radio Player”, “Windows media player”, “TapinRadio”, “AtomicPlayer”, “Clementine” and “Screamer Radio”. For Mac Os version some of the radio players are “Radio for mac”, “Radium”, “Snowtape”, “Pulsar”, “Pandora” and “Radioshift”. “Radioplayer”, “”, “Irish Radioplayer” and “Radio FM” are some of the radio players for android application.

Most popular Radio Player for 2016 is RarmaRadio

RarmaRadio comes with thousands of radio stations to listen. It allows organizing radio stations by region, country or variety for quick access to radio stations. It allows recording up to ten radio station programs at the same time. It allows saving the recorded programs to hard drive and allows splitting the songs.


What is Radio Player?


Radio players help listening programs that are offered by thousands of radio stations which are not possible to listen using a mechanical device as they mostly offer local radio stations only. Radio player software comes with thousands of radio stations and they also allow adding new radio stations easily.


They offer high sound quality and makes radio listening a pleasure. They allow adding playlists and categorize radio stations according to one’s choice. To know more varieties of radio players and get more knowledge about them one can search Google using “radio players online”, “sony radio players”, “free internet radio player” or “radio player download”.

How to Install Radio Player?

Installing radio player software is quite easy. One can follow the installation instructions guide which comes with illustrated details to install and it is provided along with the software download file. However, one should verify and confirm the system requirements details mentioned in the software website before proceeding with installation.

Radio Player For Mac Os Mojave

Benefits of Radio Player

Radio players not only allow listening radio programs but also allow them to record and save them to hard drive. They allow scheduling of recording radio programs which help one not to miss any program when they are busy with other works. They allow streaming of internet radios from various radio stations all over the world.

They help searching radio stations quickly and allow adding favorite playlists as well. They come with intuitive interface to select radio stations easily and allow changing skins too. They offer such huge range of radio stations to suit the needs of various sections of people like music lovers, sports lovers, etc.

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