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From Planning to Landing, Stay One Step Ahead with the TripIt App for Mac

Attention TripIt users who have recently upgraded their Apple operating systems to macOS Catalina: we’ve got exciting updates for you! We are introducing the TripIt app for Mac, providing you access to all of your travel plans from any of your OS devices. Plus, with iOS 13, you can now use the TripIt mobile app with Dark Mode, and we’ve updated our neighborhood safety scores. Take a closer look at these new features below.

Be in the Know Before You Go with the TripIt App for Mac

Starting today, you can access TripIt on your desktop with the new TripIt app for Mac. Simply download the TripIt app for Mac in the Mac App Store to see all of your travel details in one place. With TripIt app for Mac, you’ll get the itinerary-managing power of the highest-rated travel-organizing app right on your desktop, including:

  • A menu bar that makes adding travel plans a breeze, and the availability of more screen real estate and a full keyboard for fine-tuning itineraries.
  • Plane-friendly features, such as offline access to your travel plans and Dark Mode.
  • An enriched pre-trip experience, with access to neighborhood safety scores and links to Maps to help you explore the areas you’ll be visiting.

Announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June, TripIt was made with Mac Catalyst and is among the first to bring its app to Mac. And, as an SAP Concur company, this follows announcements made this year at SAPPHIRE NOW to bring more enterprise apps to Mac, through the strategic partnership with Apple. In addition, SAP is proud to announce that customers of SAP and Apple will easily be able to extend their custom iOS apps to the Mac with an updated version of the SAP Cloud Platform SDK, coming soon.

More Exciting TripIt Updates

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Switch to Dark Mode

Stay App For Mac

More good news for Apple users: the TripIt app is now available in Dark Mode with iOS 13. For those unfamiliar, Dark Mode is a new dark color scheme that works system-wide to deliver a great viewing experience, especially in low-light environments. Dark Mode is also easier on your eyes and won’t disturb people around you, which will help lead to a better night’s sleep before an early morning flight. Talk about a win-win.

Ready to make the switch? TripIt will display in Dark Mode automatically when your iOS device is set to Dark Mode. To do so, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Appearance thenselect Dark.

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Neighborhood Safety Scores—From Day to Night


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Stay App For Mac

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The neighborhood safety scores feature you know and love just got better with iOS 13. TripIt now shows a day and night safety rating for the neighborhoods you’re visiting—demonstrating how time of day impacts a traveler’s safety. The AM and PM neighborhood safety scores can be found in the TripIt app for all lodging, restaurants and activities that have a physical address.