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Before reaching out to our support team, please check out these answers to our most-asked questions.

Using Things on Windows, Android, or the internet

Things is available for Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. We don’t make Things for Android, Windows, the web, or other platforms.

The apps are native so performance is stelar. They have done a perfect job of features but not too much where things get cluttered. The mobile apps are also perfect. The UI is on par with Things 3 (but I think better). The only two minor gripes I would recommend would be for more app integrations and maybe more theme colors.

If you just need to add to-dos from a non-Apple device to Things, you can use our handy Mail to Things feature. You can also use the iCloud website to enter to-dos into Reminders and then import them into Things later.

  1. Things outside or our control like the age of your device, the state of the battery, bugs in the operating system, might affect the performance of the Manything app; Avoid leaving devices in direct sunlight; Use only official manufacturer branded power supplies; For mission-critical monitoring, we recommend using the Cloud Adapter.
  2. Since it would probably take a lot of collaboration to enable two third party apps to sync with each other, I would be happy being able to sync tasks made in Things to the Apple tasks/reminders app, since Sorted could then read them, but syncing only seems to go one way — from the reminders app to Things.
  3. Things is a task management app for macOS, iPadOS, iOS, and watchOS made by Cultured Code, a software startup based in Stuttgart, Germany. It first released for Mac as an alpha that went out in late 2007 to 12,000 people and quickly gained popularity. The following July, when the App Store launched, it was among the first 552 apps available for iPhone. It was then released alongside the iPad in 2010.
  4. Things - a well-designed to-do list app for detail-minded Apple users - can help you track your tasks and projects and sync your progress across Apple devices.

Sharing a list with family or coworkers

Things currently does not have any dedicated collaboration features (collaborating on a specific list or task).

You can, however, share one Things Cloud account with someone else to collaborate on the entire content of that account.

To just send a list of to-dos as plain text to someone else you can use the share feature, or you can use Mail to Things to create to-dos in someone else’s Inbox through an email.

Discounts & bundles

Is Things a single purchase for all devices? – No. Things for Mac, Things for iPhone, and Things for iPad are sold separately – here’s how to buy the apps. If you have more than one Mac or multiple iPhones or iPads, you can install the app without additional cost on all of your devices of the same kind - here’s how.

Are there bundles for all three apps? – No. Developers are unable to provide bundle pricing for combinations of iOS apps and macOS apps. This is something for which Apple doesn’t provide a mechanism.

Are there discounts for education, businesses, previous owners of the app? – We can’t offer any discounts ourselves because we’re selling Things through Apple’s App Store and Apple doesn’t provide us with to give discounts.

If you are a student or teacher, please ask your institution if they are part of Apple’s Education Program which offers discounts.

If you are buying for a business, please check out Apple’s Volume Purchase Program.

Are you upgrading from Things 2 to Things 3? Have a look here.

Apple Watch

Things for Apple Watch requires watchOS 5 or better and a Things Cloud account.

If you’re having trouble with the watch app, please check out our troubleshooting steps as well as our general tips on how to use the app.

Getting a refund from Apple

Since you bought the app directly from Apple through the App Store, you have to ask Apple directly for a refund (developers can’t give refunds). Find Apple’s guidelines on refunds here.

Transferring Things & your to-dos to a new Mac, iPad, or iPhone

Have you got a new device or did you have to wipe your old one? Since you bought Things through the App Store, you can easily reinstall the app. Here’s how.

After you’ve installed Things again, restore your to-dos by logging into your Things Cloud account. Follow the instructions on this page.

Trial versions for iOS and macOS

You can download our Mac trial version here and use it without limitations for 14 days. It requires macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later.

There’s no way for us to offer iOS trial versions at this time. This option is only available to apps that have in-app purchases or subscriptions. Things is a one-time purchase at the time of download without any additional costs, and therefore Apple’s App Store doesn’t let us offer you a free trial.

Pinning Quick Find lists to the sidebar/main lists view

Things doesn’t support pinning Quick Find lists to the sidebar/main lists view, but it’s on our list of feature requests.

View Google/Outlook calendar events in Things

Things can only read data from Apple’s native Calendar app but if you sync your 3rd party calendar data to Apple Calendar, Things can show it to you as well. Here’s how to set up calendar integration.

See your to-dos on other devices (sync)

  1. To see your to-dos on another device, it must have Things installed.
  2. To sync data between the apps, you need a free Things Cloud account.
  3. To use Things on Apple Watch, you need to create a Things Cloud account on your iPhone. Learn more.
  4. You cannot use third party services like iCloud, Dropbox, etc. or your own server to sync.
  5. To learn more about how we secure your data, check out this page.
  6. Things Cloud is optional. If you’re just using the app on one device, you don’t need to turn it on at all.

Adjusting font sizes

At this time, it’s not possible to adjust the font size within Things. This is on our list of feature requests.

Location based reminders (geofencing)

While Things doesn’t have native geofencing support, you can use Apple’s Shortcuts app to automate interactions with Things by setting up triggers based on your geolocation, time of day, or other environmental factor. Learn more here.

Restoring deleted to-dos

On the Mac, deleted to-dos and projects go to the Trash. Since there’s no trash on iOS, all deletions are permanent which is why we’ve made deletions a 3-step-process. You can, however, recover the last deleted item: shake your device immediately after a deletion to recover it. On an iPad with an external keyboard, hit CMD + Z.

Things Helper (Quick Entry with autofill) freezes Things

Invoke Quick Entry with autofill again, wait for 90-120 seconds until you see the error message appear. Confirm it by hitting OK and immediately afterwards reboot your Mac per the on-screen instructions.

Things Cloud password or username change

To change the email address you are using with Things Cloud, follow these instructions.

Need to reset your Things Cloud password? Here’s how.

Things and Alexa

Things and Alexa do not integrate directly due to technical limitations, but if you can build a workflow that generates emails, you would be able to use Mail to Things to send Alexa’s output to your Things’ Inbox.

Alphabetical sorting of to-dos or lists

At this time, it’s not possible to sort content alphabetically in Things. You can always manually re-arrange to-dos or your own lists in to any order you prefer by dragging and dropping, though.

Projects ”disappear” from the sidebar/main lists view

If you gave your projects a start date, you’ve made them inactive until that date – on which they’ll appear both in your sidebar/main lists view and the Today list. Projects added to the Someday list are also inactive. The sidebar/main lists view only shows you active projects so you don’t get distracted by to-dos you can’t do yet.

Repeat to-dos only on specific days

If you need help to set up a repeating rule that only repeats on weekdays, weekends, or just specific days, have a look at the instructions on this page.

Completing a repeating to-do early

It’s currently not possible to complete a repeating to-do ahead of its schedule but it’s on our list of feature requests.

Changes to repeating to-dos don’t stick

If you are making changes to a repeating to-do but the next time the to-do appears those changes are gone you have edited the copy of the repeating to-do, not the template. In order for changes to stick and appear in future copies, you must edit the repeating template. Here’s how.

More questions?

Don’t forget to check out our full support pages – we cover all the main features of the app and how to use them!

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