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Jan 12, 2020 Download TinyUmbrella for iOS, you can downgrade it easily in the future if needed by saving the SHSH blobs. An IPSW file of the older versions is needed for completing this process of downgrading to an older version. We can use the TinyUmbrella for the mac, iDevices, iOS, as well as the windows. TinyUmbrella is a blend of two earlier tools. Download TinyUmbrella 7.02.01 for Windows and Mac OS X Apple released iOS 7 and later iOS 7.0.2 to the public along with the release of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Developer NotCom has released an update for TinyUmbrella that supports saving the iOS 7.0.2 support SHSH blobs of A4 devices which includes iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod Touch 4.

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TinyUmbrella for Mac download it for Free and 100% Working.

As you know, Why we use TinyUmbrella Application for Mac! This TinyUmbrella for Mac is used to prevent the devices from losing the older versions of firmware and also helps to downgrade the iOS version of our devices.

Let us understand this Application and the features of this TinyUmbrella application in Brief. This TinyUmbrella Application is most famous for downgrade the current version. This Application saves the shsh blobs as an external file, and later we can restore it whenever we want our older version in the future though apple itself is not allowing us to downgrade the current software. This TinyUmbrella Application is useful for getting the older version of the firmware.

To downgrade the iOS software jailbreaking is necessary, and this iOS jailbreaking process indicates to get the root access of the iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, iPods, and so on. It allows the users to install and download the Third-party Application.

TinyUmbrella Application is a mixture of two applications. To use this, we need to install and run Java and iTunes as well. These two applications are;

  • Tiny (TSS) – It is the local server which is used to restore an older version of the firmware and the shshs files.
  • Umbrella – This Application is used to store the shsh file, which is known as Secure signature hash, and downgrades it in the device.

TinyUmbrella Application is also used for other things rather than downgrading the software and save its shsh blobs. TinyUmbrella Application is also helpful in fixing the iOS devices, which may be stuck in the recovery mode and To fix the iTunes.

By downloading this TinyUmbrella application for Mac, we can downgrade the current version easily in the future if needed. It saves the shsh blobs as an external file to use in the future. An IPSW file of the older version is necessary for completing this process of downgrading to the older version of the devices.

One question you might have in your mind that Why iOS cannot be downgrade without any applications such as TinyUmbrella!

Here the answer is, earlier apple officially provides the firmware with the shsh blobs, but these are changed now. Now officially, the firmware doesn’t come with the shsh blobs. That’s why we have to use these kinds of applications, such as TinyUmbrella.

How does the TinyUmbrella Application work?

Whenever we update our devices or when the new versions arrive, the small or tiny amount of data is saved on the devices. These data are in the form of shsh blobs as an external file. So you can restore the information whenever you want. These shsh blobs will give you the favorite version of your iOS devices.

Version Information

PublisherThe Firmware Umbrella
Release DateFebruary 20, 2016
Downloads88,432 +

Features of TinyUmbrella Application

  • TinyUmbrella application is used to restore the system information as well as it also helps to restore an older version of the device.
  • This Application saves the shsh blobs of the device’s files and also informs the user that which file or version is safe to downgrade and to restore them on the device.
  • TinyUmbrellaapplication helps to detect the risky file or Application on the device.

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Download the TinyUmbrella application for Mac

Now we hope that you all know why we are using the TinyUmbrella application, which is used to save and restore the older version of the iOS devices. This software doesn’t work official, or we can say It doesn’t work on ios devices. But downloading it for Mac is easy. One thing you have to note this, to download this TinyUmbrella application, whichever device or PC you use that must have pre-installed Java to run this TinyUmbrella application.

Necessary steps to download the TinyUmbrella Application for Mac

The first thing you have to do is, Check that installation of the TinyUmbrella application is completed correctly, and it is working. So on your computer, we can save and restore the shsh blobs quickly without any problem.

  1. Download the Java in your PC and also download the TinyUmbrella application and install them as we have instructed you.
  2. TinyUmbrella Application is quite similar to iTunes. Now open and launch the TinyUmbrella application.
  3. Now you have to connect to the device in which iTunes is running correctly.
  4. When the TinyUmbrella application recognizes the device, it will automatically download and save the shsh blobs.
  5. Finally, when both of the processes of downloading and saving the shsh blobs, you can use them whenever you want.

Important Key points to keep in mind for Mac users:

Some of the users may have the complaint that Error 255 occurred while using the TinyUmbrella application. To deal with this error, you have to put your device with all required permissions.then you might not get the Error 255.

Although after following above step if you are still getting the same error which prevents the running TinyUmbrella application successfully then follow the below steps;

  • You have to disable the web sharing.

TinyUmbrella Application is a non-infectious application that has no risks involved in it. You can get the benefit that you can download your favorite older version of your iOS device.

TinyUmbrella Application has no more significant risk factors, as we can switch back to the older yet favorite version of our device.


Java For Tinyumbrella

So these were the basic features of the TinyUmbrella application and essential steps to install the TinyUmbrella application in your device. So you can save and restore the older version of the iOS. We hope that this article could help you to download the TinyUmbrella application for your Mac. If you have any guidelines or any queries, then please let us know in the comment section. Thanks a million!

TinyUmbrella: It is a fact that there is an equal number of users for both Android and IOS operating system phones. Most of the people, who have been using iPhone or IOS devices, would prefer using the earlier version of the operating system because they would have used to the options.

The earlier operating system is heavily preferred by regular users and it is important to have a sufficient amount of access to switch back in an easy way.

TinyUmbrella is one of the popular apps or software, which is used to downgrade IOS operating systems in multiple devices. It is highly recommended for people to check and compare various options and error messages before attempting the process because it plays a vital role to finish the process in a successful way.

The software provides a clean and smooth process to revert back to the old firmware to increase user convenience.

Most of the times, IOS don’t offer an option to switch to the earlier Operating system because of various reasons. TinyUmbrella solves the problem and offers user-friendly software in order to Jailbreak the system effectively.

The software offers total control over the process and the software, which helps users to reset features easily.

Safe and Secure

It is essential for every user to explore more about the application before starting the process. Most of the current day applications are known to steal data from your device without affecting the interface.

Securing the data in the device is one of the important factors in order to enjoy privacy from time to time. TinyUmbrella is a 3rd party application, which has gained a lot of attention because of features and options.

The software comes with no threats and known to have enough security protocols to secure user data. The app was earlier checked the vulnerability checklist, which gave positive results to use from time to time. It is always necessary to check the threats of jailbreaking software because it digs deep into the firmware to reverse the action in a quick time.

The regular updations of the app have increased the safety elements, which lets the user use without compromising on other features on a regular basis.

Features of Tiny Umbrella


Tinyumbrella 7 For Mac Windows 10

Free of cost

It is a known fact that there are plenty of applications available in the market because of various factors. The tiny umbrella has impressed a lot of individuals in the current generation because it offers better features compared to competitors without charging a penny. The free applications are highly recommended for users to try in order to downgrade the operating system of IOS phones.

Easy Phone Recovery

Recovery mode is one of the common modes, which can be seen while upgrading or downgrading operating systems. It is essential to have a software or app, which helps you start the process while on phone recovery mode. It is easy for users to use a tiny umbrella and recover the phone from the recovery mode in a quick time.

No Data loss

Switching from one operating system to another operating system requires a huge process. It is essential for users to take a proper backup before downgrading the operating system from time to time. TinyUmbrella is designed to take good care of the personal data and avoids deleting the files while switching to a different operating system on the phone. There will not be any kind of data loss in the process of downgrading the software on the phone.

No Bugs

Most of the people face issues with default applications like iTunes, iChat and so on while using jailbroken software on the phone. It is essential for users to explore and find the right app, which helps in figuring out a solution easily. Tiny umbrella app is effectively designed, which allows people to use default applications even after downloading the operating system.

Tinyumbrella 7 For Mac High Sierra

Easy Restore option

It is evident that most of the users would have a set of applications and data, which will be crucial. When the software downgrades the operating system, it is evident that there will be a new interface. It is important to have an effective restore option because it helps in saving plenty of time and data. The tiny umbrella app provides an easy to use interface to restore the earlier data in a quick span of time.

Support Multiple Platforms

Support options are one of the crucial factors to consider before it helps in finding assistance from time to time. TinyUmbrella is one of the popular platforms, which lets users enjoy the maximum amount of support in an effective way. As the applications support android, windows and MAC, it is easy to start the process using any of the gadgets without compromising on other factors.

How to download Tiny Umbrella for Android

Tinyumbrella 7 For Mac Os

  1. Check for the security options by opening the settings menu
  2. Look out for 3rd party app installations and allows them
  3. The option lets you download and install 3rd party applications apart from play store
  4. Download the APK file from any of the 3rd party websites either on the mobile phone directly or on a computer.
  5. Transfer APK file to the mobile with the help of connector
  6. Tap on the APK file and wait till the installation process completes
  7. After installation, check for recovery option in the app and start the process to downgrade the operating system

How to download Tiny Umbrella for Windows 10/8/7

  1. It is not recommended to use Windows to switch operating systems in IOS devices, but there is a process, which can be used during emergency conditions
  2. Download Tiny Umbrella software for windows pc.
  3. Update Java on the computer by installing the latest version of the file.
  4. The app can be used through Blue stacks in order to have a smooth transition of the process
  5. Use any of the USB cables to connect the phone to the computer
  6. Once the device is detected, it should be ready to take up the process
  7. Ensure to have your device in recovery mode before starting the process
  8. Check various options in the window before choosing the OS version for the device.
  9. Start the process and wait till it finishes the installation

How to download Tiny Umbrella for IOS

  1. Download the installation file to your iPhone
  2. After downloading the TinyUmbrella app for IOS, Look for desktop applications to support the process
  3. Ignore the error if you find it while installing the file to the computer.
  4. Download JAVA and install it successfully before restarting the computer to avoid getting errors
  5. Open TinyUmbrella application and start the verification of the device before installing successfully on the PC
  6. Ensure to provide necessary permissions because it helps in finishing the process quickly
  7. Connect the IOS device and wait till it detects the phone.
  8. Open iTunes on the computer and ensure that the phone is detected on the computer
  9. After detection, open the software on the computer and start the process
  10. Select the device on the computer’s iTunes and keep pressing ALT and SHIFT to find the relevant Software to downgrade
  11. Open IPSW file folder to find support files for the installation
  12. Select the required operating system and start the process

How to download Tiny Umbrella for MAC

  1. Download Tiny Umbrella file available for Mac exclusively
  2. Open the MAC OSX file and run the downloaded application
  3. Ensure to have Java updated on the computer in order to have a smooth process
  4. Once the java is up to date, open the application, which has been downloaded for MAC
  5. Open the application and start completing the verification process to downgrade the Operating system for the device
  6. Open TinyUmbrella application on MAC and connect the device to the computer using the USB cable
  7. Look for relevant and supported Operating systems in the list of options.
  8. Select the right option and install directly on the computer.

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Tinyumbrella 9.3.4

It is evident that users prefer using gadgets to the maximum extent by experimenting in both hardware and software effectively. Most of the people prefer using older versions of the operating systems in IOS devices because it is easy to navigate and use features from time to time.

Tinyumbrella 7 For Mac Download

Tiny Umbrella is one of the popular software or apps available in the market, which allows users to downgrade the operating system with the help of various devices. It is recommended to try and understand multiple features available in the app because it helps in downgrading without affecting the performance or the data in an easy way.