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Download FREE Saber – Video Copilot – Free Plugins Download After Effects

Download Video Copilot Element 3D For Mac Free download free setup for Mac OS. It is Offline dmg File with Direct Download Link with the standalone Compressed file. Video Copilot Element 3D 2020 For Mac Overview: Video Copilot Element 3D is an advanced 3D object and particle render engine. New Tutorial: CROSSFIRE! + Video Copilot LIVE! UPDATED New Plug-in Trailer: ORB! Create amazing visuals with our free plug-in VC Orb. Damage & Decay FX! Create a procedural decay system. SHOWTIME: Slime VFX! FREE Slime PACK: 3GB of Stock FX!

Video Copilot – Saber Free Download – After Effects Plugins

NEW Plug-In: SABER Now Available 100% Free!

Key Uses:

Video Copilot Console

  • Create Energy Beams, Lightsabers, Lasers, Portals, Neon Lights, Electric, Haze & more


  • Create High quality energy & lights beams
  • Realistic Glow falloff
  • Advanced Core Settings
  • Built-in Distortion
  • 50 Presets (View Gallery)
  • Dynamic Text and Mask Outlines
  • Stackable FX with Add mode

Video Copilot – Video Copilot – Saber Win & Mac


Video Copilot Free Plugins


Video Copilot 100 Free

Video Copilot – Saber Win & Mac