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Most machines for crafting, vinyl lettering, and other material projects, are controlled with the computer, tablet or smartphone. They are connected with a USB or serial interface. Some models also have wireless Bluetooth technology so you don’t need the cable nor are close to the machine for controlling the working process.

Every machine must have software which contains a set of commands that allow you to create and design images and patterns on your computer and then send it to the device to cut it. Some devices have a feature to cut the image that you’ve printed on your home printer which is a useful user-friendly function.

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Most software available on the market is surely compatible with Windows systems such as Vista, 7, 8 or 10. But, few of them are also compatible with the Mac system. Mac is developed by Apple, so if you have one of their devices you should search for Mac compatible vinyl cutter models.

If you are interested in buying a machine for cutting vinyl and other materials but have a device with Mac operating system, you should pay attention that the model has software such as Sillhouete Studio, Graphtec Studio or VinylMaster Cut and Design software. But, if the model that contains compatible software doesn’t suit you, there is another solution. You can try to search devices with a built-in scanner that doesn’t require computer control. You just scan printed image and then the device will cut it for you.

All important settings are adjustable with a control panel on the machine. Some software includes an online app that is cloud-based and it connects more devices at the same time. These are also compatible with any operating system and have included a lot of already created images and design, so sometimes the computer or PC isn’t required.

We have found 5 vinyl cutter for Mac available on the market. In this review, we will describe their technical specifications that could be important for you such as cutting width and length or maximal cutting speed and pressure. We will also describe their design, mechanism, and usage.

Review of 5 Most Popular Mac Compatible Vinyl Cutter Models

USCutter 28 Inch Titan 2 Model

This model has 28 inches maximum paper feed and 24 inches maximum cutting width. Maximum cutting length is 25ft which is enabled with high-quality pinch rollers and grit rollers. The device is made from aluminum frame construction and all other parts are metal. It’s 38.5 inches long, 17.2 inches wide and 13.6 inches high. It weighs 59 pounds.

The device has contour cutting function which means that the system can print the image and then cut it precisely around the printed area. Precise cutting is enabled with a four-wheel carriage that has laser guided crop mark alignment. A wide range of materials can be cut such as vinyl, window film, paperboard, stencil, mask and other.

The titan made blades enable cutting of the thickest materials. Package includes three blade types: 30-degree, 45-degree and 60-degree blade. The blade holder is compatible with the Roland blades which are the most economical ones on market. The big LCD display with backlight shows you cutting speed and force. You can adjust both of them and navigate with the settings menu. The buttons are also illuminated for easier control.

Maximum cutting speed is 37ips and maximum cutting pressure is 1.65 pounds. The performance is very quiet because this model has a servo motor. A great feature is the emergency start/stop function that allows you to restart the device while it’s working. This device is compatible with the Mac system and Windows through USB and serial interfaces.

The software is VinylMaster Cut which enables you to do many things with materials, for example, the spool function enables making multicolor items without switching different colored vinyl rolls. The system has 4MB internal memory. Repetition accuracy is 0.0003 inches. With the product, you will get the floor stand and the catch basket. The package also includes a blade holder, a pen holder, a USB, and serial cable. The manufacturer offers a lifetime phone support.

  • 28 inches of maximum paper feed
  • 24 inches maximum cutting width
  • Maximum cutting length of 25ft
  • 5 inches long, 17.2 inches wide and 13.6 inches high
  • VinylMaster Cut software compatible with Mac and Windows systems

Cricut Maker Electronic Model

This model has two types of blades. The first one is a rotary blade which cuts through very thick material and it’s ideal for fabrics. Knife blade cuts very heavy materials like matboard and 3/32 inches thick balsa wood. You can do sewing projects, leather crafts, the model made from balsa, paper crafts, iron-ons, and other DIY projects.

Design app is available for this Mac compatible vinyl cutter so you can design your own projects on the mobile phone or computer. You can create your own designs or download them for free.

This model has a double tool holder which means it can do sketching and cutting at the same time. This can make faster your working process. The device weighs 23.8 pounds. Its length is 21.2 inches, width is 7 inches and height is 5.9 inches.

The device has a USB port for connection with the devices and data transmission. Also, you can connect wirelessly to the device with the Bluetooth. Package includes fine point pen, two 12 inches long and wide cutting mats, design apps, 50 free images, and 25 sewing projects. You will also get materials.

  • Dual carriage
  • Knife and rotary blade
  • Weight is 23.8 pounds
  • 2 inches long, 7 inches wide and 5.9 inches high
  • Bluetooth wireless technology

Silhouette Cameo Model

This device is 23.9 inches long, 11 inches wide and 8.9 inches high. It weighs 14.2 pounds. The system has an auto blade function which is a very user-friendly feature because the blade adjusts itself automatically according to the material type.

It can cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric and many other materials. Maximum cutting width is 12 inches and the maximum cutting length is 10ft. The device has a pen adapter so you can replace the blade with a pen and do sketching. It is PixScan compatible which means it can cut precisely around printed area or position cut lines in the specific area on the material.

A package includes 12 inches long and wide cutting mat, vinyl trimmer, hook, spatula, and Ratchet adjustment tool. Materials are also included such as 12 inches long and wide oracal 651 permanent vinyl, premium transfer tape and other.

You will get a guide for vinyl application, 7 e-guides by Silhouette school, and a 1-month membership to Silhouette U and Silhouette Club. The device has 200 designs included and $25 digital downloads from Silhouette design store, but that can change from time to time. A USB cable and power cord are also included.

The Studio software is suitable for Windows Vista/7 and higher, and for Mac OS X 10.5.9 and higher. You can plug this device in your computer or control the working process wirelessly with a built-in Bluetooth. Required power outlet range is 110V-240V.

  • PixScan compatible
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Silhouette Studio software compatible with Windows and Mac
  • 12 inches maximum cutting width
  • 10 ft maximum cutting length

Silhouette America Curio Crafting Model

Vinyl For Mac

This vinyl cutter for Mac has three embossing methods: path emboss, score and emboss, and print and emboss. The device has a deep-cut blade which is able to cut up to 0.08 inches thick materials. It’s 17.2 inches long, 5.5 inches wide and 7 inches high. It weighs 7.5 pounds.

It has 0.2 inches clearance so you can feed thicker materials. You can cut a variety of materials such as paper, card stock, vellum, fabric, vinyl, stencil and much more. The device has Silhouette Studio software which is suitable with both PC and Mac computers.

The Silhouette Design Store has a lot of designs, patterns, images, and fonts that you can download and use for your own DIY projects. With this Mac compatible vinyl cutter, you can create etched metal, embellish foils and metals, multi-color design or stippled ink projects.

The dual carriage holds the pen and the blade at the same time so you can do writing and cut at the same time. The USB cable is included and you can connect it to your device for control of the working process.

Print and cut feature allow the device to register the materials that you have printed with your own desktop printer and then it cuts them around the printed area. The package includes cutting and embossing mat, fine and wide embossing tips, USB cable, AC adapter, and software CD.

  • Dual carriage
  • Print and cut feature
  • Thre embossing methods
  • 2 inches clearance and 0.08 inches blade’s cutting depth
  • 2 inches long, 5.5 inches wide and 7 inches high

USCutter 15 Inch Table Titan Model

This vinyl cutter for Mac has four wheels carriage and titan made blades that ensure precise cutting. Contour cutting is enabled so you can print wanted image and then cut it. Its very precise since the registration marks are sensed with a laser. It can cut a wide range of materials such as adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, paperboard, paint mask stencil, low intensive reflective and other. The device has 3 pinch rollers.

Its length is 28 inches, width is 17 inches and the height is 12 inches. Weight is 26 pounds. VinylMaster Cut software is compatible with Windows too. Command set is suitable for HPGL. The USB 1.1 and 2.0 interface are included, and serial RS232 port. You can plug it into your computer or PC and control the working process.

Vinyl For Making Key Fobs

The performance won’t be as much quiet as in the previous model since this one has stepper motor type which is louder. Required power outlet range is 110-120V at 3AMP or 200-240V ar 2AMP. Maximum cutting width is 15 inches and maximum paper feed is 19.5 inches. Maximum cutting length is 180 inches.

Vinyl For Macbook

Aluminum frame and high-density ABS plastic made sides make the device durable. On the device, you will notice a large LCD display which shows you cutting speed and force. Its illuminated for easier reading, but the buttons aren’t. The speed and pressure are both adjustable. Maximum cutting speed is 31.5ips while maximum cutting pressure is 1.12 pounds.

The device is Package includes pen holder, USB cable and serial cable, power cord, Roland compatible blade holder and 3 titan blades (60-/45-/30-degree). When buying this product, you get lifetime phone support.

  • Contour cutting function
  • USB and RS232 serial interface
  • 5ips maximum cutting force and 1.12 pounds maximum cutting pressure
  • Titan made blades and Roland compatible blade holder
  • Maximum cutting width is 15 inches and maximum paper feed is 19.5 inches

Nice little plugin that brings that vinyl feel to digital. Well, almost 😀 Izotope, perhaps known best for their Ozone plugins have provided this free treat to download.

Vinyl For Machine Embroidery

Add a touch of vintage flair to your tracks with a plug-in that’s part time machine. iZotope’s Vinyl uses advanced filtering, modeling and resampling to create an authentic “vinyl” simulation, as if the audio was a record being played on a record player. Get the perfect amount of scratchy, noisy, grit to dirty up even the cleanest tracks.

Back just in time for its 15th anniversary, Vinyl is a plug-in that lets you simulate the dust, scratches, and warp of a worn record and the electrical and mechanical noise of the turntable it’s on. Give fresh recordings and instrument tracks the dirty, dusty feel of an earlier decade. Apply Vinyl to any source audio to make it sound as if it’s being played from a record and dial in exactly the right character to suit your tune. Plus, it’s now updated to 64-bit!

System Requirements

Vinyl For Macbook Pro

Operating Systems:

Mac — OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion – macOS 10.13 High Sierra

Vinyl For Making Signs

PC — Win XP (32-bit Service Pack 3) – Win 10

Plug-in Formats:

AAX (64-bit), AU, RTAS (32-bit), VST, VST3

Vinyl For Machine Embroidery

Supported Hosts:

Vinyl For Machine Embroidery Uk

Ableton Live 9 – 10, Cubase 9.5, Digital Performer 9, FL Studio 12, Logic Pro X, Nuendo 8, Pro Tools 10 – 12, Reaper 5, Reason 10, Studio One 3 – 4