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How to choose the most powerful website builder for Mac?

There is nothing new that PC and Mac users have access to completely different tools and services. There are millions of Mac addicts since this operating system offers stunning interface, easy-to-use operating principles, and lots of other unique advantages that are not opened for PC users. However, a standard PC-based site constructor is not the greatest alternative to use on Macintosh. The truth is that it has limited functionality of HTML utilities that are required for separating CSS files.

But what software should you use to draw a perfect site on Mac? Are there any quality Mac website builders? In this handy post, we will help you to pitch upon the most practical website editor for Mac. You can stop looking for obscure SaaS instruments and insecure third-party apps. All the architects below are classical online platforms designed for Mac lovers. Moreover, each platform has a proven long-term history, excellent reviews, and simple design.

Free Web Builders For Mac

  1. This software is one of the best Mac website builders today. It retails in the market.
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Mar 06, 2020 All website builders for Mac follow every latest web and tech trend, making sure that the end page works smoothly and flawlessly all the time. Predominantly, all tools also take care of web hosting and domain name registrations, keeping managing and maintaining your page from one account a small breeze.

Mac site builder: the most practical tools


Tired of all the builders designed for PCs? Lack of functions for your favorite Mac machine? Blocs is the only architect from our top chart that is designed solely for Macintosh devices. It is a one-and-only service that has dozens of both pros and cons. What is pleasurable for using the system is that it has a clear interface. The main elements you will deal with are blocks and bricks. Bricks are various elements that can be placed to your page, while blocks are pre-made solutions with a few elements combined in an eye-catching way.

Unlike the majority of classical PC and Mac web builder, this application has no templates at all. That is why you will need to craft a site from a blank page and design it any way you would like to. Although this offers you incredible editing freedom, the pre-designed themes offered by competitors might be often more useful.

In case you need a more advanced site, you will need to enrich your project with CSS code. In case you are not familiar with the concepts of web development, the process of construction might appear to be difficult.

Generally, you will need a couple of hours to a few weeks to completely understand the service. The website builder has lots of video tutorials and a detailed FAQ section to make the educational process of the new users as simple as possible.

What’s good?

  • Perfectly suits Mac machines

  • The pages can be updated with CSS code

  • Stylish design

  • Good customization with the help of blocks and bricks

  • All pre-maid blocks’ designs are responsive

  • Different pages can have different themes

What’s bad?

  • The most pricey Mac builder

  • FTP manager is not included in the app’s functionality

  • Too simple designs with the necessity to add rich CSS code

  • Might appear to be complicated for new users

What about costs?

The price for using the Mac builder varies from $80 to $350. However, this not the only money you will need to spend. Get ready to purchase a hosting plan for about $100 per year.


Looking for a well-designed software for your Mac-based website? Weebly is ready to inspire you with tons of types of the richest functionality. The platform is suitable for perfectionists who are ready to put all their forces and imagination into making an excellent website for any business needs.

This Macintosh builder is a comfy service with the hottest customization utilities. For example, you have a development idea that is likely to revolutionize the online world. Which builder is able to bring your ideas to life? This is Weebly. Due to the widest choice of utilities, you can draw any site on your Mac and publish it in no time.

Right from the start, any user can pitch upon dozens of pro templates. These are fully flexible and modern themes with pre-coded blocks. If you are attentive enough to choose the most fitting theme, you will save lots of time for the process of web construction.

What’s good?

  • Extensive technical support of all users regardless of the plans they bought

  • Creative utilities for any design of the web page

  • All flexible themes

  • No fees for online selling services

  • Various channels to sell

What’s bad?

  • The number of templates might be wider

  • Ecommerce utilities are little pricey

What about costs?

They are surely reasonable. You can craft your Mac site for $8-$26 per month.


Need an impressive site to craft on your Mac device? Having lots of difficult development tasks to be solved? Require a speedy website and handy service for its construction? There is one amazing service that can cope with all this stuff. Meet Jeemdo Mac site constructor.

In case you are a complete dummy in web constructing, the platform is here to make you learn incredibly fast. It has lots of clear FAQs, forums, and knowledge bases written in a formal and understandable language. This feature is cool for creative minds that don’t want to dive into the technical and coding fields. The support system of the builder is also higher than average - it is accessible anytime via different communication methods.

The app can be perfectly combined with any modern Mac device. No incompatibility issues, crashes or bugs makes the process of using the builder comfortable and smooth. If you would like to become a lucky owner of an online shop, blog, or any other kind of site, it might be a good idea to start your development path with Jimdo.

What’s good?

  • The project you create is automatically updated for mobile gadgets

  • Pretty fine technical support that will help you with constructing a site in your deadlines

  • Brilliant integration and easy management of social networks tools

  • Blogging utilities for any taste and requirements

  • No limits on the number of free space for your site

  • Various payment options for your e-commerce project visitor’s

  • Simple SEO for dummies

What’s bad?

  • The free plan has no personal logo, meta tags, stats, and email account options

What about costs?

Aside from a free plan, there are paid subscriptions offered for $9-$39 per month.


We’ve tried dozens of builders for Mac machines but Wix beat almost all its competitors in the majority of parameters. This is a pro application that has countless services that still remain locked for its competitors.

Searching for a program that will make almost the entire job for you with minimum assistance? Love playing with colorful designs and templates? Stop thinking of different alternatives - Wix has right what you want now and might want in the future.

You’ve probably heard about this awesome builder from your colleagues of friends. The fact that it is one of the coolest options for Mac web users is not rumors - Wix has been a pacesetter among the leading design apps for years. It is surely making its positions stronger from year to year. In case you would like to benefit from a superior, stable and bug-free builder, that is the one you might be looking for.

This cool Mac-based program has an unbelievable number of templates. Even in case you would like to craft a site in an uncommon field or require unique tools for your project, you will surely find all the top elements and widgets at Wix.

What’s good?

  • Tons of images, fonts, templates, and pre-maid designs

  • Clean and fresh builder with magic tools and options

  • E-commerce projects can be crafted in a blink of an eye

  • Good for integration with your Mac device

  • Blogging services for any need and specifics

  • Great stats based on various parameters

  • Handy support management

  • An option of secure site password protection

What’s bad?

  • Templates can be changed only before site publication


What about costs?

The builder for Mac has lots of different plans. Pick up any starting from $4 to $35 per month.


Hungry for professional, clean, beautiful, and flexible templates? Squarespace will bring you 91 theme for any website topic. The builder works good with any Mac computer and is likely to offer you an unforgettable experience in web development.

The builder is featured for users who prefer doing any job in a perfect way. With a brilliant design, the program is made by professionals for professionals in different areas. It allows constructing a miraculously looking project quickly and simply.

As for the greatest functions, this Mac builder gained world fame for its editing, blogging, and selling functions. As for Search Engine Optimization, the builder has these tools, too. Moreover, they are quite powerful and completely comprehensive for even newbie users. Achieving top positions at Google is surely possible with Squarespace.

What’s good?

  • Gorgeous themes, colors, fonts, and designs

  • An advanced system of placing custom code to your project and making it even richer

  • Handy e-commerce utilities for any web store

  • Cool blog tools

  • Trial period with all the functions offered for 0 costs

What’s bad?

  • Pricey plans

  • Might seem complicated for beginners

  • Not so many apps and plugins as in other services

What about costs?

The subscription appears to be expensive. Thus, the plans can be bought for $12-$40 per month.

The first steps of crafting your site: what do you need?

When you finally decide to manage your web pages with the Mac web development software, you will need to consider that design is not the only step in building any web resource. How to make a website on Mac? To begin with, you will need a domain and hosting for your awesome project. If you have no idea what all these concepts mean, we are here to assist you with the basic things about your future website.

The domain is just a one and only name of your site. In other words, it is a special address to your project. For example, if you would like to sell T-shirts, your domain might be something like name-shirts.com. You can pick up any name for your site unless it was bought by someone else.

It is necessary to point out that domains have completely different prices. There are luxurious ones that might cost you thousands of dollars, middle-priced, and cheap ones. Furthermore, there are also some free domain names you can use. However, free options usually have not so beautiful names, as paid ones. Furthermore, they can show an advertisement on your lovely website. There are hundreds of services that will help you with purchasing the domain. However, it is recommended to choose all-in-one options that offer buying a domain and hosting simultaneously. This will take you fewer efforts when landing your website. Moreover, there are no significant differences in price when you purchase the services separately or at once.

Hosting is a personal address of your site’s data. To put it short, it is a place where all the files of your website are stored. There are also a few options for hosting your website. In case you are not planning to craft something huge and extremely innovative, shared hosting might become an affordable and convenient solution for your website.

By the way, it is important to specify that you are planning to buy a domain and hosting for web development on mac from the service you’ve chosen for these purposes.

Don’t want to deal with all this stuff when you bring your business online? There are great alternative solutions. When choosing the best website builder for Mac, focus on the programs that offer these features along with web design services. This way, you will not need to code or spend your time looking for separate solutions. With a handy website builder, you can buy all the web dev services simultaneously.

Designing your site on Mac: best prompts

After you’ve successfully opted for tall the services described above for crafting your website on Mac, it’s time to initiate the most interesting part of the web development. This is the design of your web pages.

Many users feel lots of difficulties when coming to this important step. However, most site owners believe that crafting a web page can be fun and easy, as well as any technical issues can be solved with the help of the support team.

In case you don’t know where to start or lack inspiration for website design software Macintosh, you can browse online and take a look at the similar pages on the web. You can also make some notes of blocks and features you would like to have on your site. By the way, you can also take pictures in advance or find some important information you will use on your web resource. This way, you will be fully equipped to start your creative design process.

There is not a secret that Mac website design software is the most convenient option for web development. The truth is that any modern website creator Mac usually contains an easy drag-and-drop editor that allows making any type of customization in a few clicks, custom templates, and lots of other premium and top-rated features.

Web Page Creator For Mac

The only thing you will need to get access to this treasure is to create an account and choose a pricing plan that suits your needs. Spending a little sum of money will allow you to construct a brilliant site with the help of the chosen Mac web builder. Many platforms welcome their new users with a short trial period when all the functions are available for no cost. You can try this or that builder, and compare the functionality and easiness of each one before making the final decision about your purchase.

In most cases, you are expected to opt for a template for your site from a huge database, offered by the builder. After that, you will be able to edit, resize, rearrange, and add new content to the chosen theme. Different builders have a diverse number of customizable utilities but it is surely better to choose the one with the highest number of editing functions.

By the way, if your budget is not strictly limited, it is better to opt for a middle-priced plan. On one hand, the cheapest subscriptions will often show ads on your site or lack the necessary functions for crafting a successful site on Mac. On the other hand, the most pricey plans often contain extra features you are not likely to use in the future. This way, you can spend money on useless functionality. However, if you would like to craft a powerful site with lots of tools and options, don’t hesitate to pick up a premium subscription. Generally, it is better to purchase a subscription that suits your demands and expectations. You are allowed to upgrade anytime you might need later.

Bottom line

Looking for a proper builder might often look challenging when you touch this area for the first time. However, you will not be disappointed in case you fix upon any builder from the list above. All of the services are great for beginners who want to craft their online projects on Mac.






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Best Web Creator For Mac

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Web Builders For Mac

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